How do you envision your morning? Do you envision being pampered with top of the line professional products while you sit in an artist chair and drink a mimosa? Do you envision hanging out with your friends in your custom made robes eating breakfast while your beauty team comes onsite to you so you don't have to leave? Do you envision having your photographer and videographer show up to your getting ready spot with you on schedule and ready to go? If this is how you envision your morning than this is why you need to hire me as your on location makeup artist.

I offer long lasting custom blend makeup to ensure each client receives the application that is perfect for their skin. Each application includes professional skin care, lashes and airbrush foundation. I come equipped with lighting a chair and everything in between. If you need hair services I work with amazing licensed cosmetologists that can give you the perfect style that matches your makeup and dress.

Packages start at $450.00.

Lashes and airbrush foundation are included.

Hair Services can be provided by my preferred vendors upon request.

If this is how you envision your wedding day and you are ready to get your quote please go to my contact page.

Also available for



Special Events

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