Pride Week and anniversary’s

Since it is pride week I thought it was fitting to share a real wedding on here.  Not only did these two lovely ladies get married during Pride Week, the got married last year to the day so it is their first anniversary.  I got the oppurtunity to meet Stephanie and Amber a few years ago at a wedding I was working, Stephanie was helping with hair and Amber was just hanging out and helping anywhere she could.  They were so much fun and we had a great time at the wedding getting the bridal party wedding.

Fast forward to 3 years ago they both came to The Kelley Farm bridal showcase looking at a few vendors for their wedding, when I saw them we got to talking and catching up.  They already had a makeup artist who was going to help with their huge bridal party so at that time they weren’t looking for beauty services.  The next year at the show they were back and this time they actually did need a makeup artist and decided to hire me.  

I had so much fun getting to really know these two and getting a chance to do both of their makeup for their wedding and I really wanted to choose looks that represented each of them as individuals.  We did a trial run for both of them on the same day but they didn’t see each other.  It was so nice to work with girls that were in the industry and knew what to expect.  

The wedding day was so much fun, I recruited my friend Katie to help with makeup and we worked on their huge party.  I have to tell you being apart of their day was such an honor and to see the love in the room was amazing.  And to conclude this blog post love is love and we all deserve to get to love who we want to.  Happy Anniversary Stephanie and Amber.

Photography by Victoria Greener Photography

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