Rock Bride Magazine

I am excited to finally tell you all that some of my work has been featured in Rock Bride Magazine.  Rock Bride Magazine is an alternative bridal magazine.  It is not for the average bride it is for someone who is wanting their wedding to be something different. 

We had the launch party last week and it was so fun.  Their were a lot of vendors and I got the chance to do makeup for the model.  It was at Modest Manor which is an amazing new venue.  It was a very fun day.

I was also excited to see some of my work in the magazine.  If you would like a copy and to subscribe to the magazine go to

Showcase Magazine!

Hey guys I got some very exciting news!!!  Showcase magazine asked me some questions regarding skin care for their upcoming issue.  I’m so excited that I got a chance to share my knowledge about skin care. 

As an esthetician I see all sorts of skin needs every day.  I love being able to help teenagers with their acne and I truly believe that if you start working on your skin early in your teens you will have great skin for your whole life. 

The first thing that everyone needs to realize is it starts from the inside. You have three layers of skin.  The first layer is the Epidermis it is the layer on the outside, the part you see.  So this is the layer of skin that you are able to see acne surface.  The next layer is called the Dermis it contains your blood vessels, nerve endings and your sweat and oil glands.  When you have acne it is an over production of sebum from your sebaceous gland it takes 2 weeks to a month for this layer to surface to the epidermis.  The third layer is the subcutaneous layer this layer is all about making your blood vessels, hair follicles and sweat glands working. 

Now that you know a little bit about how your skin works lets talk about the things that will help your skin stay nice and hydrated.  It starts with food and water intake you have to hydrate your body to keep it working.  If you eat and drink bad things for you it will come out in your skin.  You should drink a lot of water, stay away from a lot of caffeine and sodas.  Eat wholesome foods.  They are great for your skin and body.

Next is how well you take care of your skin you need to wash your face daily with a hydrating cleanser, exfoliate so you get rid of the dead skin cells sitting on top of your skin and moisturize your skin to keep it healthy.  Use high quality products that have good ingredients stay away from parabens and sulfates.  Use things that have peptides and vitamins a, e and c.  My favorite products are Pevonia it is a wonderful product line.  I know this was super long but I hope that you guys learned a little.   Here is the link to the article.

Busiest month ever!

This started out as a regular month for me and it has ended up being one of the busiest, best months ever. I got the opportunity to do a wonderful photo shoot with Missy Millan. She is an amazing photographer who does beautiful work. You should check out her website at I found out today that this photoshoot was featured on My Belleza Inc Magazine’s facebook page!

I had my first wedding of the year and it was with the best bridal party ever. I can’t wait to show you guys some of the images from Ashlie’s big day. She was a beautiful bride. Her and her husband will also have the best anniversary which is on Valentine’s day.

I got to do an incredible photoshoot with First Light Photography and a lot of other amazing vendors. More details on that later. It’s top secret and you will get to find out about what happened in April!!

I have gotten some amazing bridal inquiries and also get to do one more stylized shoot with Rio Jean Photography on Saturday. Not only do I got to do all these amazing things this month I also got to see the best clients ever. I love being able to see them every month!

Here are some images from the photoshoot on My Belleza Inc Magazine!

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