Wedding at The Empress and because it’s Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day.  I hope you all are getting to spend the day with your significant others.  Don’t those burgundy dresses just scream Valentine’s Day.  This wedding was in September but with the colors of these dresses I had to feature it for Valentine’s Day.

Heather Ann got married at The Empress Estate.  Seriously this venue is fit for a princess.  It is gorgeous with beautiful outdoor scenery and indoor details that are simply stunning.  When I met Heather Ann she is all about the glam so we worked together to find a look that will fit her vision while still being soft and bridal.  For her wedding I pulled out my Stila Magnificent Metals these eyeshadows are a glitter gel formula that don’t need glue to be applied.  They are sparkly and pretty and aren’t to glittery perfect for bridal.

I had such a fun time getting her and her girls ready.  They spent the morning sipping mimosa’s and playing Guess Who.  It was a very relaxing morning and all of her friends were so supportive and wonderful.  And what was so wonderful is because her environment was stress free Heather Ann was relaxed and got to enjoy her morning with her girls.  Didn’t she rock her dress the whole look was perfect for what she envisioned.  

Photography: Autumn L. Rudolph Photography

Venue: The Empress Estate

Hair: Ashley Burden at London Salon

The woman behind the brushes

Today things are going to be a little different here.  I want you guys to get to know me as a person not just a makeup artist so from time to time I am going to post a personal post about my life and my family.  Here is a little bit about my family My husband and I have been married for almost 9 years.  I know I look 25 but really I am 30 ;) Yay for good genes and skin care.  We have two kids who are the sweetest little things on the planet and make me feel incredibly blessed every day.  

Photography by Rio Jean Photography

January is a busy month for us we had preschool, work, medical emergencies (more on that later.) but it is also when we celebrate my sons birthday.  He turned 4 this year, we had a very fun day planned for him.  I try really hard to make birthday’s special in this house with presents, birthday pancakes and fun activities.  January birthday’s are hard we just got done having Christmas and I always struggle with what to get.  Thankfully my son has Paw Patrol obsession so presents for him was easy.  We spent his morning hanging out watching Paw Patrol, having Nerf gun and balloon wars. In the afternoon we went to The Sportsman Show and went to Wiggle Works and M.O.D. Pizza for dinner.  Overall it was a great day.

Homemade Pancake recipe

1 1/2 cups of flour

3 1/2 teaspoons baking powder

1 teaspoon of salt

2 tablespoons of white sugar (you can make it less sweet with 1 tablespoon.)

1 1/4 cup milk

1 egg

3 tablespoons butter

1 tablespoons of sprinkles

Heat your griddle to medium high heat.  I usually do 375 degrees.  

In a bowl sift your dry ingredients together.  Make a well in the middle of the bowl for your wet ingredients.  Pour in the milk, egg and butter.  

Mix it together and add your sprinkles.

Pour 1/4 cup of batter and flip your pancakes when they bubble on top.

We threw two birthday parties for Landon one with my family and his cousin’s all got to come over and play and then we threw one with my husband’s family.  I love birthday parties you get to throw pizza in the oven and it is just so chill and relaxed.  Not only did we have the birthday thing, my daughter got into a bike accident, last summer she learned how to ride her bike without training wheels and ended up sliding in a mud puddle and cracking her chin open.  She was such a sport and had to get stiches in her chin and didn’t even cry.  I on the other hand was a little bit wrecked.  Hopefully it will be the first and last time we deal with that.  

We also did get a chance to have some family fun and took the kids razor clamming.  We love the outdoors and always try to get the kids to do new things and enjoy the outdoors rain or shine unless we are sick.  Razor clamming is so fun and the end result is yummy clam chowder so I am always happy about that.  I will include my clam chowder recipe too for you all it is delicous.

Clam Chowder

2 celery ribs, chopped

1 medium onion, chopped

1 tablespoon minced garlic

4 potatoes peeled, cubed and diced

1 cup water

1 bottle of clam juice

3 teaspoons chicken bouillon granules

1/4 teaspoon pepper

1/4 teaspoon dried thyme

1/3 cup flour

1 cup half and half

1 cup milk

2 cans of minced clams (or if you go razor clamming than use what you got.)

(Bacon can be used as a garnish if you want but doesn’t make or break the recipe.)

1. Saute celery and onion until tender.  Add garlic cook for 1 minute.  Add potatoes, water, clam juice, bouillon, pepper and thyme.  Bring to a boil, reduce your heat and simmer uncovered for 15 minutes or until potatoes are softened.

2. In a bowl combine flour 1 cup of half and half whisk until smooth.  Once smooth add into the soup while stirring.  Bring to a boil and cook for 1-2 minutes or until you notice soup thickening.

3.  Stir in the clams and remaining milk heat through, don’t boil.  Add bacon if desired.

There you go two recipes for breakfast and dinner.

Rustic Farm Venue

Photography by Caitlyn Nikula Photography

Today I am so excited to feature The Kelley Farm as a guest post.  The Kelley Farm is located in the gorgeous foothills of Bonney Lake WA.  It is nestled in a quaint area overlooking a beautiful valley.  It has a rustic elegance that other venues can’t compare.  It is perfect for all seasons if you get married in the summer you can enjoy saying your vows with the barn doors open.  If you are getting married in the fall or winter don’t worry about your guests catching a chill it is heated and you can create a cozy ambiance with the chandeliers and candles.  I got a chance to speak to Erica one of the employees that help make weddings run smoothly and ask her more questions about this one of a kind venue.

Photography by Betty Globa Photography

Photography by Betty Globa Photography

1) How would you describe the Kelley Farm?  I would describe the Kelley Farm as a venue with rustic elegance.  There is a classic charm and beauty that the farm naturally has to offer.

2) What kind of bridal style does the Kelley Farm attract? I think the farm attracts all brides.  The style of the farm is very versatile and can be changed or decorated to look exactly how you would want your special day to be.

Photography by John Curry Photography

Photography Caitlyn Nikula Photography

3) How long has the Kelley Farm been a venue? 8 years.

4) Can you bring your own vendors to the Kelley Farm?  The only vendor that is under contract through the farm that you must use is one of our preferred catering companies.  Everyone else your DJ, florist, desserts, coordinator and design company is all your choice.  We will help you by giving you our popular references that are commonly used at the farm if you need help.

So there you have it.  If you are the kind of bride that is looking for rustic elegance than you have to check out The Kelley Farm.  You will not be disappointed.  Link is on the bottom!

Photography by John Curry Photography

Photography by Caitlyn Nikula Photography

You can visit The Kelley Farm’s website here

Photography by Caitlyn Nikula Photography, Betty Globa PhotographyJohn Curry Photography.

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