2018 year end review

Can you believe it is 2019 already.  Once wedding season really got going I took a little break from blogging but now I am back.  Last year was such an amazing year for me and my business.  I did makeup for 31 weddings last year.  Each bride was so unique and I had a blast getting to be apart of each bride’s wedding.  I also got the chance to assist a few amazing artists for their weddings which was amazing.  It is one thing for you to work your own weddings but to have another artist trust you to work theirs is a huge honor.

Another thing that happened last year is I got to be apart of a styled shoot that featured my gorgeous sister in law and brother in law.  Not only did I get to do her makeup our shoot got published in Burnett’s Boards.  I didn’t get a chance to participate in a lot of shoots last year because I got so busy but I was so thrilled to be apart of that one.  

I did get an opportunity to be apart of a pod cast to talk about the bridal makeup and hair with Reid from Best Made Video.  I felt that pod cast was so important because the beauty side of your wedding day can be confusing and I wanted to talk about all the things that are important to me like licensing, timelines and what to expect when working with me.  I will put a link for the pod cast at the bottom of the blog in case you want to give a listen to it.

I can’t wait for what 2019 has in store for me and I have a lot of big goals that I want to accomplish!!


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