Covid-19 Safety Measures

I want to ensure all of my clients that I take your health and safety seriously.  These safety guidelines are required by the State of Washington in order to keep both myself and my clients safe.  I will be following these guidelines for each of my appointments.  Please help me by adhering to these safety measures.  

Before Your Appointment

Please self check for Covid-19 symptoms the night before your appointment.  Your temperature should not exceed 99 degrees.  You should not be experiencing a cough, shortness of breath or loss of taste or smell.  Please let me know prior to coming to your appointment if you experience any of these symptoms.  I will be asking you these questions before we start your makeup application. 

During Your Appointment

Things will be a little different but I know with both of us working together to keep each other safe we will have an enjoyable experience.  Due to the social distancing guidelines we can not let more than 2 people into the workspace unless we can maintain social distancing.  Please do not bring a guest unless you are under 18.  

Masks and PPE Gear

Please wear a mask prior to coming to your appointment.  Your mask must stay on for the consultation, application of eye shadow and eyebrows.  You will be allowed to take off your mask so I can apply foundation and your lip application.  During this process no speaking will be allowed.  I will also be wearing the required PPE gear.

Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizer will be ready and available for your entire makeup appointment.  It will be specifically  used upon entering the building while we go over your consultation and waiver form provided by my insurance company.  Please bring your own pen to fill out your waiver.   

Hand washing

20 seconds of hand washing at a clean and sanitized sink will be required for both of us before we begin your makeup application.  Anytime you feel you need to wash your hands or would like me to wash my hands throughout your appointment let me know.

Contactless Payment

Contactless payments will be made via email through Square Invoice.  This is the safest way for me to accept payments right now.

Onsite Bridal Appointments or Multiple clients

Social Distancing

Your bridal beauty team will require 10 or fewer people to a room.  If you know you will have a large amount of people in your getting ready space please consider having two separate areas for us to work and your bridal party and guests to visit.  

Your bridal beauty team needs to adhere to the social distancing guidelines as much as possible we will need 6 ft of social distancing between us to work safely with you and your attendants.  Please keep that into consideration as you choose your getting ready space.

Cleaning between clients

In Order to keep my workspace clean and sanitized I will need 10 minutes between clients to reset and change my required PPE gear.  Please take that time into consideration when planning your timeline.


Payment will be made after your appointments on the wedding day via email through square.  This is the safest way for us to take payments. 

How I keep my kit and workspace clean during your appointment

My workplace setup

I will clean my table with cleaning wipes before I set up my station.  If I am onsite and need to use a special cleaner please let me know.

I will place a towel down first, then I will place a layer of paper towels down and then I will place my disposable palette on top of that.

My chair will have disposable waxing paper on it for your safety. 

My brushes

Each client gets a clean set of brushes.  I have a three step cleaning process.

Step 1: After I am done using brushes on a client I spot clean them with a brush cleaner and put them in a brush bag labeled dirty brushes.

Step 2: I wash them after your appointment with brush soap and hot water and let them dry.

Step 3: I spray 70% alcohol onto a tissue and wipe the brushes down and clean the bristles.

My products

I have always scraped my powders onto a disposable palette and worked off of that this means my powders has 100% zero cross contamination.

My mascara and lip products are applied with disposable applicators.

My foundation are applied by either squirting product onto a palette or scooping product onto a palette and working off of the disposable palette.