Where should I get ready?

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When planning your wedding you are probably the most detailed orientated person out there.  You have binders full of table settings, guest lists, registries and color theme’s.  When it comes to your wedding you know exactly how the day is going to go,  how long your ceremony will be and what time your dinner will start.  The detail that often gets overlooked is where you will get ready and how long it will take to get ready.  Believe it or not makeup artists and hair stylists need about 45 minutes per person… I know shocker.  So where will you get ready?  This blog will explain all of your getting ready location options so you can best determine what will work best for you.

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1st option: Your Venue

Your first obvious choice will be your venue.  I am not going to lie I love working at venues it is easier to get ready at the location you will be getting married at.  Here is the hitch most venues don’t open until 11 am or 12 pm, if you have a large bridal party than getting ready at 11 am or 12 pm will probably not be the best option for you.  In my experience your venue opens at 11 am or 12 pm, your pictures start at 1:00 pm or 2:00 pm and your ceremony starts at around 4:00 pm.  2 or 3 hours is not enough time to get you all ready unless you have a bridal party or 2 to 4 people, anything larger and you run the risk of being late.  

Some venues do give you the option of buying extra hours in the morning, which is wonderful and I think it is well worth the money and something to consider seriously.

2nd option:  Somebody’s house

Getting ready at your house, your family member or friends house brings a certain level of comfort and coziness.  Usually my bridal parties get an opportunity to spend the night at the house so everyone is at the same location together.  There is a familiarity there that you can’t get anywhere else.  Usually breakfast is cooking, mimosa’s are flowing and laughter is heard everywhere.  There is no awkwardness of trying to find things or figure out where move things.  This is my second favorite getting ready location.  I love when all the girls are in one place and I don’t have to wait for people to show up.  We also can start earlier and not worry about what time the venue opens.  Usually my bride has people there setting things up and the bridal party is listening to music and enjoying their morning getting pampered.  As long as the house is close this is a great option.

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3rd Option: A Hotel

A hotel is a great option if you are close to your venue.  Usually your whole bridal party is staying the night with you.  I am going to be honest from a makeup artist standpoint this is my least favorite location to get you ready.  There are not enough tables for food, drinks and our equipment.  Usually your bridal party is staying in multiple rooms and it gets a little chaotic.  This is a great option if you have people in your bridal party that are from out of state and you can’t get to your venue until the afternoon.

4th Option: Air BnB

I have gotten bridal parties ready at a lot of Air BnB’s.  I really like it, it is more comfortable than a hotel.  The only problem is if you have a large party and not enough rooms people stay at hotels so just make sure your bridal party is close by if they do stay in a hotel.  This is a great option if you can’t get to your venue early.

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5th Option: Your stylist’s location

I have had full bridal parties get ready at my in home studio or kitchen.  I work from my house so it is a little more homey than a salon.  Here is why this is a great option usually bride’s choose vendors close to your venue so your travel time will not be long.  Also we have all of our equipment at our studio so i am not going to lie it is nice to not have to pack up and travel, I love traveling but when I get an opportunity to work from home it is nice.  Also I can start earlier being able to work from my in home studio.

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I hope that you found this blog post helpful.  When choosing a getting ready location you have to think about a few things time you can start, how many people need to get ready, what time your photos and ceremony are?  This was a fun post to write and stay tuned for next week.