5 ways to make your wedding day run smoothly

Photography by Rachel Walker Photography

There is a lot that goes on during the getting ready process of a wedding day.  There is always food, coffee, and some form of an alcoholic beverage going around.  There is hugs, tears, excitement and a lot of visiting.  There are gifts, getting dressed and packing things up and making sure everything is put away.  There are a lot of things that can slow your timeline down.  This blog post gives a few key hints on how to keep your timeline on time and it doesn’t involve buffers although everybody knows buffer time is a good thing.  So here it goes your weekly musings from a Bonney Lake bridal makeup artist.

Photography by Sara Carlson Photography

Timeline: Every good bridal beauty team should have a timeline for you for your wedding day.  Here are ways to make sure the timeline works best for you.  First there should definitely be buffers it is important to have a little more time than not enough time to get you all ready.  Second figure out who in your bridal party is your early birds.  Have those girls go first and be up and ready by the time your beauty team arrives.  If you don’t have an early bird in your bridal party than designate someone responsible enough to be up and ready to go.  Nobody will want to go first but somebody always has too.  Also if your mom and mother in law want makeup and hair done and they aren’t helping with the set up have them go last because usually depending on your photographer family portraits are last so if you do run behind it won’t affect your photographer’s timeline.

Skin and hair prep: Every artist is a little different in how they want your hair and skin prepped for your wedding.  What ever they tell you to do please do it.  Please come and be in your artist’s chair with clean dry skin (i.e. no makeup or mascara that needs to be cleaned off especially if you have thick waterproof mascara that takes a ton of time to wipe off.  And when you sit in your stylist’s chair don’t have wet hair nine times out of ten they don’t have a hair dryer and honestly they don’t have 10 extra minutes to blow dry it.  

Photography by Bella Bella Momenti

Food and Drink: If you can eat and drink before your appointment please do.  I can promise you that you will probably not get a chance to really eat or drink anything until after your appointment is done with makeup.  This is honestly what ends up happening is we are prepping the skin and you get a plate of food then you eat some of it.  Then I ask you to look down and close your eyes because I do that next so you put your plate on the table and then I do your face and you eat a little bite and then I do your airbrush and you end up moving your plate way far away.  Drinking your mimosa there could be a casualty because it is really hard to drink out of a fancy glass without looking and spills have happened.  So if you can wait 30 or 40 minutes to eat and drink that would be amazing.  If you can’t I totally understand and am very much used to doing the food dance so all will be well.

Bathroom breaks:  If it is at all possible to use the bathroom before your appointment that is best so we don’t have to pause and take 2 to 5 minutes out of the timeline for bathroom breaks.  This also helps keep the timeline on time as there is no pausing.  

Photography by Autumn L. Rudolph Photography

Dresses and Bags:  Here is a really helpful hint have everything that you are taking to the venue packed and ready by the door so that way when you are done with hair and makeup you do not have to take the time to find everything.  I always give 15 minutes at the end of my timeline for clean up and packing and it never fails that once we are done with our work and I ask if you have everything packed bridesmaids start freaking out because they forgot to pack there stuff while they were sitting and chatting.  Also if you have anything that you are bringing to the venue than make sure you have a list of those items and check them off as they get put in the car so nothing is left behind.  This will save you a lot of time and head ache.

Photography by Chris Klass Photography

Trust me I know that all of this seems like common sense but one of these incidents happens at nearly every wedding I do even when I send reminders.  Your vendors want the best for your wedding day and we have the experience to make sure that your wedding goes smoothly.  We want you to have a fun and stress free day.  I hope this post has given you tips to make sure your wedding day morning runs smoothly.