Should I do a first look?

Photography by Autumn L. Rudolph Photography

Should you do a first look?  It is a totally personal decision based on what you and your soon to be husband desire for your wedding day.  It is okay to go either way.  I am not a photographer by any means but I can tell you in all the 100+ weddings I have done I love when couples get a chance to do a first look.  Today’s post is going to be all about the pros and con’s to a first look.  

Photography by Shane Welch Photography

Pro:  You get to spend a few minutes with your future spouse alone before all your guests eyes are on you.  Getting married in front of a lot people even if they are your friends and family is nerve wracking.  You are going to be a bundle of nerves anyway without everybody staring at you, so having a few minutes alone with your future spouse can be helpful to calm those nerves.

Con:  You don’t get that grand entrance where your spouse sees you for the first time walking down the aisle.  I am not going to lie having that moment where your spouse sees you for the first time is a huge moment for you as a couple.  It is like everyone there melts away as a background and it is just the two of you for a minute.  

Photography by Logan Westom Photography

Pro: Usually you give your spouse a small gift.  I have had couples write each other letters.  I have had couples give each other images or small tokens.  These are very heartfelt moments that your photographer get to capture again before your guests and everyone arrive.  I love seeing what my brides have come up with to give their spouse.

Con:  If you don’t do a first look you have to find time after the ceremony to give each other gifts or do it a different day.  It will still be 100% heartfelt but you will just have to plan around your ceremony.

Photography by Julianna J. Photography

Pro: Your timeline runs more smoothly because you don’t have to wait to do formal pictures after the ceremony.  Getting formals done before the ceremony just makes everything easier for you, your guests and your photographer.

Con: Not doing formal pictures before your wedding means your guests have to wait after the ceremony to start the reception.  A good option for you if you decide to not do a first look is to make sure you have things for your guests to eat, drink and do while they wait for you guys to do your pictures.  This will help your reception run smoothly.

Photography by Autumn L. Rudolph Photography

Please as with all my blog posts remember that your wedding is your wedding and you choose what is best for you and your partner.  Nothing else matters except your happiness on your wedding day.  This month is going to be all about makeup and photography.  I can’t wait to share with you what I have happening next week.