Rain and Your Makeup

Photography by Erin Perkin’s Photography

I can’t believe we are in the first week of February, It is crazy how fast this year already seems to be going and we are only just beginning.  Well here in the PNW we are dealing with heavy rain and flooding.  So I thought that this would be the perfect time to talk about your bridal look and duhduhduh… rain.  We Washingtonians know we can’t control the weather and even if you decide to get married in the summer here there may be a chance of an amazing summer storm.  So what do you do to ensure that your makeup will last all night?

As your makeup artist I have a few tricks up my sleeve and I am going to share a few that I have found worked for me.  (All the images in this blog post were weddings on rainy days). So let’s get to it.


Photography by Cameron Zegers Photography


Did you know that they make a waterproof foundation and I am not talking about a silicone airbrush foundation or an alcohol based foundation.  I am talking about an honest to goodness waterproof liquid foundation that feels lightweight and looks amazing and like skin.  Oh yes they do and I carry it so if I feel like the weather is going to work against us I might decide to whip out my liquid waterproof foundation and use that on you instead of my cream foundation or airbrush foundation.  It is amazing stuff and bonus it also looks beautiful on camera.

Powder Blushes

I love a flushed cheek using a cream blush but sometimes I need something that will have a little more staying power and look beautiful even through rain.  That is where my powder blush comes in.  What is great about a powder is the I can layer it to create the look I want and not worry about it melting off.  You will look flawless all day even if a little drizzle gets on you.

Photography by Anchor Photography

False Lashes with/without waterproof mascara

What I love about my Sonia Roselli Drop Lashes is that they can be used with or without mascara so if it is super rainy and I feel like I will have better luck without mascara I will give your eyes extra oomph with my drop lashes.  Having waterproof mascara is a must on a wedding day because hello tears but it is especially necessary on a rainy wedding day.

Setting Spray and Powder

My last step to creating a waterproof look is using a setting spray or setting powder.  This last step will ensure your makeup will last all day.  I can even spray a little on a eyeshadow brush and dap it on your shadow to ensure that your eyeshadow will stay in place.  

Photography by Autumn L. Rudolph Photography

What I hope you got out of this blog post is that you don’t have to worry about the rain.  The weather should be the last thing you should worry about on your wedding day and you should especially not worry about your makeup on your wedding day.  If it happens just embrace it.  Hiring a professional makeup artist should ease your fears about weather because we work in all sort of conditions.  Until next time here is your musings from a Bonney Lake makeup artist.