5 Reasons to hire a makeup artist obsessed with the wedding industry

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So I am just going to say it, I am obsessed with the wedding industry as a whole.  I love wedding’s and details.  I am a slightly type A personality so for me weddings are an ideal situation. I get to create timelines, work in a structured environment and usually things run very smoothly.  I love getting to be apart of something big and wonderful.  There is definitely a difference between an artist who just wants to do weddings to make money and an artist who loves the industry.  So here is the top 5 reasons why you should hire an artist who is obsessed with weddings.

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1) My Pinterest board will look a lot like your own!

I am not going to lie to you when I tell you that my Pinterest boards look like I am planning a wedding that looks like your boho adventure dreams.  I pin everything from dresses to the newest cake trends.  I am on top of what the latest things you need for your wedding.  You would think that I would just care about your makeup but I do not.  I love looking at gorgeous wedding pictures like the next bride.  

2) You are not just a dollar sign to me you are a person!

So this one is kind of a big deal.  As your makeup artist I do not view you as just a number or a dollar sign.  I want to know everything about your love story.  I want to know what the details of your wedding are and if you have any cute personal touches.  I want to be apart of your engagement pictures, trial run and wedding day.  I want you to know that your wedding day will be in the best hands.  If you need to call me because you are freaking out over the timeline do it.  I am there to help you.

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3) I like to make my vendors happy!

Yes your wedding is all about you but a lot of times I work with the same vendors and to be honest I like to make sure I make them happy.  I want them to breathe a sigh of relief knowing that they are working with me and that your wedding day will run smoothly.  I want to be on their referral list and how I get on those lists are from word of mouth from bride’s if a bride is happy with her vendor’s than she will let them know.  I will do what it takes to make sure that all the people I work with are happy happy happy.

4) I love the energy of a wedding day!

When I am working a wedding, I have a hard time sleeping the night before because I want to make sure I am not late.  I wake up feeling excited and nervous and all the things because even if I have done over 100 weddings, yours is the first one I do with you.  I get ready and am understated but professional because I know you will be getting pictures and I want to look good in them for you, I get to your wedding usually a few minutes earlier than I have even told you and get right down to business.  I love having you surrounded by your loved ones and the relaxed yet nervous energy that is in the room.  I love when you sit in my chair and close your eyes and breathe for the first time all morning because you can do nothing but sit and close your eyes.  There is nothing better for me than watching your face light up when you see yourself for the first time on your wedding day.

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5) I really do want to make you happy!

What I know and love the most about my industry is this your wedding day is the best day of your life right now.  Your wedding day is when you are starting a new chapter with your partner.  I understand completely how long you have been working out the details, the money you have saved and the planning you have done.  I am your wedding vendor first before I am your makeup artist.  I am not just there to do your makeup I am there to make the process and planning your morning easier.  I am there to make sure you make it to your wedding venue on time ready to go.  I take your wedding day very seriously with the knowledge that this is not something that can be done again there is no do over.  You have to get it right the first time.  I do not have an ego and think that your wedding day is about my craft.  The end result is to make sure you leave my chair feeling calmer knowing that your morning started off just the way you needed it.

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This is an honest blog post about why you should hire a makeup artist who truly loves the wedding industry and not just someone who is good at makeup.  Makeup artistry is fun and exciting and there are a lot of amazing artists in the industry but not all of them specialize in bridal or even love bridal.  Your wedding day should be spent with someone who doesn’t mind waking up early, who really does want to talk to you about your dress or your great aunt’s second cousin who decided to sit at another table without asking you.  You want someone who can help you trouble shoot your wedding day, if you accidentally forget linens and don’t know where to find them on short notice instead of saying not my monkey not my circus.  You want someone who doesn’t mind driving you to your venue if it is close and you are on the way because your ride couldn’t get to you in time because we finished early and they do this not because they want the good review or recognition but because it is your wedding day and you deserve to have one day where you aren’t stressed about something so small.  This is why I do bridal makeup and love it.

When is it time to add an additional artist?

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So this season I have been getting a number of large bridal parties and they want to hire additional artists at the last minute, so today I have decided to write a post about all the ins and outs of hire additional artists for your wedding day.  There is a lot that goes into hiring additional artists to work a wedding so here it goes.  In this blog post we are going to go over when you should hire an additional artist, how you should hire an additional artist and a couple other key things that goes into having multiple artists work your wedding day.

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When do you need to know the final number of people getting beauty services?

Most artists have a minimum number of services to book your wedding.  My minimum is the bride plus 2 attendants (unless you are getting eloped or having a small wedding), I need that confirmed number confirmed at the time of booking your services with me.  You need to have your final numbers at least a month before your wedding.  When booking your makeup artist you need to ask them what number they can comfortably do for a wedding, this question will help you determine if a second artist is needed.  I can comfortably do 6 people.  If I get an inquiry with more than 6, I automatically include a second artist in your quote and get my second artist hired immediately. 

Sometimes though I have a bride who wants to book me, meets my minimum but still might have attendants that are on the fence about getting services.  This is a situation where I have not looked into getting a second artist because I don’t have a final head count.  In this situation I strongly encourage you to have a final number at least a month before your wedding, ideally the sooner the better.  The artists I hire have their own businesses and book with weddings too, so the sooner I can secure them the better.

Who hires the additional artist?

Your makeup artist should be the one hiring any additional artists for your wedding.  There are a few reasons why.  The first reason is as your makeup artist I have very high standards with who I work with.  I work with only individuals who are licensed in Washington State, as a makeup artist skin prep is important so I work with licensed Estheticians and Cosmetologists.  I work with individuals who have a clean kit with pro products.  There is a difference in consumer products and pro products, I need someone who has pro products so I know when they are doing your bridesmaids makeup their makeup will hold up.  The second reason why I like to choose who I work with is that I need someone who has a similar style as me.  I am a makeup artist who prefers to enhance your features so I need an artist who does the same.  The third reason is timing if I work with someone who I don’t know and have never worked with and I give them 45 minutes but they really take an hour than that will not work on the day of your wedding and will make us run behind.  

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Why is there an additional artist fee?

The reason why most artists charge a fee if they have to hire an additional artist is because there is a lot of leg work that goes into hiring an additional artist.  We have to find them, hire them, figure out timelines for multiple people and communicate with them before and let them know the look and feel of your wedding this can all take at least 3 to 5 hours of extra time to figure out all the details.  

If you have a large bridal party and you are on the fence about having two artists I would definitely talk to your makeup artist about it.  The additional fee will be well worth it to have a smooth sailing morning.  It is better to be early and on time than late and I have never had a bride regret having the extra hands to get her bridal party ready.

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So there you have it I hope this blog post helped clear the air on when to hire an additional artist, why you should hire an additional artist and how you should hire an additional artist.  Now please say hire an additional artist 10 times fast and see what you come up with lol.  This month we will be hearing from an amazing vendor and I have some really good posts coming up…stay tuned.

Wedding day timeline

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As I am in the middle of doing three timelines for next month’s weddings, I thought I should write a blog post all about timeline coordination and what exactly goes into your timeline.  When I get an inquiry for a wedding my contact page asks for a start time, end time and how many people are needing services, this helps me see how much time an inquiry is thinking is necessary versus how much time I will really need.  I have noticed that a lot of inquiries think we are really fast, like The Flash fast.  The answers have been something like this, I have 6 people needing make up and I want to start at 10:00 am and end at 12:00 pm.  This makes me chuckle in like a hahaha, I am not Sabrina the Teenage Witch and no way that is not possible.  So this blog post is all about what a realistic timeline is for a wedding morning.

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What your timeline is based on?

Your timeline is based on a few factors like how many people are booked for services, how far away you are getting ready from your venue, what time you need to be ready for your photos and if your bridesmaids are booked for makeup and hair.  You may be thinking that it doesn’t matter for me to have all these details right off the bat but it does.  This information helps me create a quote for your wedding and figure out if I need to hire additional artists.

How long does each service take?

I like to have 45 minutes with each bridesmaid and 60 minutes with my bride.  This is with a built in buffer.  Most services take less time but there is a lot going on during a wedding and I like to have extra buffer’s to be safe.  If you are doing hair your hair time varies some girls have super thick hair and it takes longer to curl and put up.  Some people have short, thin hair and it takes like 5 minutes.  For hair we like to have 50 minutes for bridesmaids and 60 minutes with the bride.  You might be wondering why if I have buffer’s built into the timeline than why don’t I just take the buffer’s out and have the timeline shorter?  The reason why is because I would rather my bride’s feel relaxed and not rushed but still end early or on time.  I like connecting with the people in my chair and I don’t like having someone know that I am rushing.  Also weddings are chaotic and there are sometime’s hiccups the morning of the wedding so a buffer is nice.

Photography by Autumn L. Rudolph Photography

When is a good time to get the final head count?

I need your final numbers 1 month before the wedding, so if any additional people are wanting makeup then they need to know 1 month before your wedding.  I like to give this information to your planner and photographer so they know what is going on the morning of your wedding.  

When is a good time to hire an additional artist?

Additional artists are needed when your number of attendants is higher than 6 or if you have a super tight schedule and should be hired as soon as possible.  Let’s say you have a bridal party of 9 people and you only have 5 hours to get ready in that scenario you will need to hire an additional artist.  Or let’s say you have a bridal party of 5 people but you only have 3 hours to get ready because you are doing a tea time ceremony at 1:00 pm and first looks start at 11:00 am, than an additional artist will be necessary.  I totally understand that you want to sleep in but a realistic start time for any wedding is 7 - 8 am and yes your makeup will still last :).  

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What does a timeline look like?

Here is a what a mock timeline looks like when working with me for a bridal party of 4 with a start time of 9:00 am and an end time of 12:30 pm.

Arrival time 

8:45 am

Start time 9:00 am

9:00 am to 9:45 am bridesmaid 1

9:45 am to 10:30 am bridesmaid 2

10:30 am to 11:30 am bride

11:30 am to 12:15 pm bridesmaid 3

touch up’s clean up by 12:30 pm

leave for venue

I hope that this blog post will help you figure out a good timeline for your wedding morning.  I think that while it is important to be fast and efficient it is also important to make sure that you are having fun and enjoying your morning.  I will definitely be writing more about timeline’s in the future.