All about your bride tribe

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I get asked a lot about makeup and hair services for bridesmaids.  The questions I get asked the most are, is it necessary to have my bridal party get makeup and hair services and how will you make me stand out if they are getting services.  I get it wedding’s are expensive and adding money for beauty services can be an expense that might not have been in the initial budget.  I have some brides that pay for their bridesmaids services and use it as part of their gift, I have had some brides have their attendants pay for it themselves, I have had some brides who just pay my minimum dollar amount for themselves and have their bridal party do their makeup and hair themselves.  You have to do what is right for you but this blog post is going to address my most asked questions about bridal party services.

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Is it necessary for my bridal party to get beauty services?

Of course it isn’t necessary for your bridal party to get services and for me personally as long as my minimum of 3 services or the dollar equivalent of 3 services is met I am good.  However is it nice to have a full bridal party get makeup and hair services? 100% yes!  For me as your makeup artist I am able to use products that will last through the night, your bridesmaid may not be using products that are meant for longevity.  It looks great in pictures when your bridal party has a cohesive look.  I am able to ensure that we start and end on time and you are not waiting for a bridesmaid who decided to try winged eyeliner on your wedding day and didn’t get it right and had to start over so now you and your bridal party are running late.  

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How do you make sure that I will stand out and not my bridal party?

Here’s the deal I get it you want to make sure that people know that you are the bride.  Trust me you will definitely shine and stand out.  But I still want to make sure that your bridal party looks and feels beautiful too.  I usually do something similar to your makeup but just a hint less.  You or your bridal party are still paying for a service and deserve to look their best.

I don’t have the budget to pay for my bridal party can they pay for themselves?

Yes absolutely.  How I run my business is I take full payment from you the bride a week before your wedding.  If your bridal party are paying for themselves than they can pay you back.  This way I am not chasing money down.

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I have some bridesmaids who want to do makeup and some who don’t, how does that work?

I totally understand that having hair and makeup is a luxury that some might not be able to do especially after paying for other wedding expenses.  If you have some girls doing their own makeup then I suggest you talk to them about your style of makeup and hair at your trial run.  If you are doing a boho look you don’t want one of your bridesmaids doing a vintage eye with red lip.  It will throw your photos off.  I also suggest having them practice well ahead of time and show you their look so you can approve it.  Your wedding day is not the day for them to experiment.

I have a bridesmaid who loves makeup and will want you to do a more dramatic look but I don’t want that for my wedding.  How do you deal with that?  

I definitely think that bridal makeup should be cohesive for a bridal party if you have a bridesmaid who has a very dramatic look in mind but you don’t want that than I will tell her that we will tone it down so that on camera you will have similar looks.  We can still do something bold but still in the same family as you.   Some bridesmaids understand this and some do not.

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My goal for every wedding I do is to make sure that you have a great time with your friends.  You chose these women and each one deserves to celebrate with you.  You want to look back at your wedding day and remember that you and your girl friends had fun and looked beautiful.  If everyone of your bridesmaids want makeup and hair great, if only some do great just as long as everyone is happy I am happy.

Something to Chalk About

This blog post is all about one of my favorite friendors.  Let me give you a little backstory on how I found Julianne from Something to Chalk About.  She is best friends with Paula from Paisley Petals and Paula has been talking about her chalk art for a few years and once she started doing chalk art for weddings I became obsessed.  I started following her on Instagram and I love her work.  I got the chance to meet her in person this February when our booths were right next to each other.  I was so excited and we got to talk about our families and chalk art and weddings.  What could be better. Chalk art is a huge past time for me.  It is my me time, I am not the greatest at it but I love doing it.  So lets get started.

1) Tell me a little bit about you and your business?
I’m Julianne, the owner and creative force behind Something to Chalk About.  I love chalk art and lettering and can’t even tell you how much I love bringing your ideas to life. I have been a life-long “colorer” and a compulsive doodler. I can’t see a blank surface without wanting to write or draw on it…I’m a lover of Adele, rain, recipes, and all things coffee.  I am a true PNWesterner, except for the whole hiking thing! I would rather look at the mountains than climb them. When I’m not chalking you can find me running in fifty-five million directions. I have two little girls who keep me on my toes and a husband who keeps me sane.

2) How did you get your start? 

I have read a little bit about your history and know you were in education. Were you always artistic?I have always been artistic, but accept for 1 quarter of art in 7th grade, it’s not something I ever studied.  But my love of drawing and “coloring” goes back as far as I can remember.  I actually wasn’t in education, but banking and mortgages for 17 years.  I always wanted to be a teacher, but never finished school, which makes the fact that I get to teach chalk classes now that much sweeter.  

3) How does chalk art enhance a couple’s wedding day?

It’s really a way to personalize your day…choosing all of the decor is always personal, but signs are one of the places where you can bring your actual words to the table.  You could thank your guests with a genuine message, or make them laugh by featuring a quote that’s super specific to the couple.  And signs are a great way to give information too…menus, directional signage, bar menus…  

4) How do couples go about choosing their art?  Do you keep inventory on hand?

100% of the wedding signs I do are custom.  I do have a retail side to my business, and I make signs that are for sale at local area shops, and online, but all of the wedding signs are created after i find out what the client is looking for.  I have a questionnaire that I send to all of my clients that helps me figure out what style of signs the couple is looking for, and then we can go from there to create signs that completely match the personality of the event, and the couple.  

5) How far in advance should couples order their art for their event?  

Between 3-6 months is usually enough time, although as my business has grown, I do book up much faster than I used to for the summer months especially.  

To view more of Julianne’s work please go here.  Here Instagram handle is give her a follow you will not regret it.  She also offers classes and can do chalk art for your home.  Needless to say is like my chalk art super hero and I am so excited that you got to learn a little about her business.

How to tell if your makeup artist is professional

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As a bride to be I totally understand that you are looking at a ton of wedding vendors and your eyeballs are swimming in details.  I understand that there are a ton of different factors involved to planning your wedding.  You have to think about your budget, whether you like the vendor you are working with and if they are the right fit.  But how do you tell a legit bridal makeup artist from a someone who is just good at doing makeup?  How do you insure that your makeup artist will show up and be ready to go?  This blog post is going to talk about what you need to ask and look for when it comes to hiring your bridal makeup artist.

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Portfolio and reviews

The first thing that you will obviously do is a google search on makeup artists near you.  Look at the artists portfolio make sure you like what you are seeing.  Make sure that the images match your vision of what you want to look like on your wedding day.  If you are a bride who is wanting a natural look and find an artist with a lot of glam looks chances are you might not be a good fit.  Same goes if you are a bride who wants ultra glam looks and look at an artist with more natural looks.  We are not all made the same and it is totally okay to be picky about who you choose.  

Next look at reviews if the reviews are good and detailed chances are you are going to be working with an artist who will treat you well.  When you are looking at reviews pay attention to what brides are saying if there are quite a few brides who talk about tardiness make sure you bring it up as a concern to your artist.  It is okay to talk to your artist about any concerns ahead of time before booking your artist.

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Licensing and Insurance

After you have found your vendor make sure that they are a licensed business in Washington State.  There are a few things a makeup artist and hair stylist needs in order to perform services onsite for bridal services.  First they need a business license.  For a makeup artist to apply skin products to properly prep the skin for makeup application they need either an cosmetology license or an esthetic license.  If your makeup artist doesn’t have an esthetics or cosmetology license then make sure they aren’t applying skin care to you or your attendants skin.  Next in order to apply makeup and skincare onsite your artist needs a personal service license so they can go offsite.  

In the state of Washington you can not have a business license without insurance.  So make sure that your artist is properly insured.  Some venues even require your vendors to be insured and to add the venue temporarily to their insurance.  Insurance is very important.  

You can look up any business on the Department of Licensing to make sure you are working with a properly licensed business.  You also should be able to ask for a picture of your artists business license too.  If you do decide to look up your and your vendor has a trade name make sure you ask what it is.

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Safety and Sanitation

Makeup and hair stylists are a lot different than other vendors because we are dealing with the human body.  You want to make sure your artists use proper safety and sanitation on you and your bridesmaids.  Every artist is different and I can only tell you how I keep my clients safe and how my business works.  

Consent form: I have every one of my clients sign a consent form with known allergies so that way I can make sure my clients are safe.

Skin analysis: I ask you your skin type and look over your skin to make sure you don’t have any contagious symptoms such as pink eye or a cold sore.

Brushes: I have enough brushes to do 8 clients that means that on your wedding day you and your attendants will each have a clean set of brushes.  After I am done with a client I spot clean the brushes, put them in a bag for dirty brushes, wash them and then spray them with a 70% alcohol.

Palette: I scrape out my shadow palettes onto a disposable paper palette.  The reason why I do this is because eyes can water and if liquid gets onto a powder palette than bacteria can live in that palette.  For blushes and bronzers I wipe the palette with a tissue and then spray it with 70% alcohol and let it air dry.

Cream products: I scoop out my cream products onto a disposable paper palette and then use disposable applicators for lips and mascara.

Safety and sanitation is probably the most important question that you should ask your artist.  You want to make sure that your artist is using proper sanitation to keep you and your attendants safe.  

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I hope what you take away from this post is that it is totally okay to ask questions and to look and make sure the vendors you are working with are all legitimate before booking.  It is okay to make sure that you are choosing a makeup artist that will keep you safe.  It is okay to ask for proof of business licenses and insurance and make sure that they have a history in the wedding industry.  It is okay to look at reviews and have concerns and ask about those.  Your wedding vendor shouldn’t write those concerns off and should be up front with how they run their business.