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Hey all I honestly can not believe Christmas is tomorrow.  Holy cow this year has gone by so fast.  Have you all gotten your shopping done?  I am almost done and just need to finish my wrapping.  Anyway today I am so excited this is my last guest blog post of the year and it will be so fun I am featuring The Five2Five wedding venue in Buckley Washington and their 2 sister companies Maisy + Lola Rentals and Paisley Peaks Photobooth .  So yes you read that right this is a 3 in 1 blog post and is going to be so fun.  I have gotten to do a tour at The Five2Five and it is a gorgeous venue that features and indoor and outdoor space and an amazing grooms quarters which I feel is important because grooms deserve a nice getting ready space too.  Anyway let’s get on with the blog post.

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Let’s learn about The Five2Five Wedding & Event Venue.

1) Tell me a little bit about your venue?

The Five2Five Experience:

The Five2Five Wedding & Event Venue provides the perfect blend of rustic surroundings and refined details for your special event!  If you are seeking a spacious yet intimate setting for an indoor or outdoor wedding or celebration, we can accommodate you at our gorgeous venue, open year-round!!

Our venue is filled with versatile amenities and beautiful custom finishes.  Our cozy indoor hall features a stunning floor to ceiling river rock fireplace along with a picturesque Juliet balcony.  Our two-acre outdoor grounds offer ideal entertaining spaces with a large patio, lovely arbor and gas fire pit.  The bride and groom have their choice of an indoor or outdoor ceremony, depending on their vision.

Your wedding party will enjoy the elegant Bridal Suite with a mirrored ceiling for hair and makeup and picture rail along the walls to hang gowns.  And your entourage will be right at home in our quaint Cottage secluded in a corner of the property where they can enjoy darts and horseshoes.  At The Five2Five, you can have your dream wedding for everyone to enjoy, complete with magnificent photo opportunities throughout the property!

We invite you to come be part of The Five2Five experience.  Our team takes pride in offering a space that is charming, inviting and truly unique!

2) What makes your venue different than other venues around the Buckley area?

We are one of the only venues in the immediate area that is open year-round.  Our lovely indoor space allows us to host special celebrations any time of year.  Weather permitting, our clients can also utilize the outdoor grounds, even in Winter months.  Our patio and fire pit offer versatility and are always a huge hit with guests!

We have carefully selected the style and finishes of our venue to be stunning and timeless. The gorgeous iron windows and doors, rich wood floors, and beautiful wood work around the venue create a setting that catches the eye right when you walk in.  Our clients appreciate the “built in” beauty of the space, which allows them to focus on incorporating their personalized touches and color accents versus needing to fully decorate a blank canvas.

Out team genuinely enjoys getting to know our clients so we can make their events as unique and special as possible.  We include two planning sessions with all wedding packages, so we have the opportunity to provide personalized vendor recommendations and to share insight  and advice as needed with the client and their hired coordinator. We even create an online “Client Lounge” for each couple where their contract, invoice, checklists, forms and email communication are accessible at any time.  This helps the wedding planning process be much more organized and collaborative.

One of the biggest perks our clients have is access to our two talented sister companies – Maisy+Lola Rentals and Paisley Peaks Photo Booth!  Our couples tell us repeatedly that having the option for onsite décor rental made their wedding day so much less stressful. They are able to save time and money by renting linens, centerpieces, signs and more through Maisy+Lola.  These items are set up for them upon arrival on their wedding day. Paisley Peaks Photo Booth also adds a unique element of fun to events at The Five2Five and beyond. The fully digital and portable photo booth helps our clients capture memories during their event, and their guests love it too! Paisley Peaks allows clients to select a backdrop to fit their theme, and  they offer the option to create a personalized banner that will display on all digital photos and GIFs from the event.

We host Bridal & Event Showcases with industry vendors, along with Mini Open Houses and Evening Fireside Tours throughout the year. These are great opportunities to see the venue even if you are not quite ready to secure a date.  Friends and family are welcome! Please follow us on Facebook and Instagram to learn about upcoming events!  We enjoy sharing the venue with our neighbors, and it is important for us to give back to the Community as well. One of our most popular community events is our annual Santa Photos, benefitting the Buckley Firefighters Association.

3) How soon should couples book you for their event?

We can book weddings up to two years in advance.  On the flip side, we do often have clients who want to plan a party with less than a month’s notice.  We welcome anything and everything in between.  Whether your event is 1 week or 2 years away, please contact us to discuss your vision and schedule a tour!

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I am super excited to share about one of The Five2Five Wedding and Events sister company Maisy+Lola Decor Refined Rustic Rentals.

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1) Tell me a little bit about your design rentals?

Maisy+Lola Refined Rustic Rentals was born from a series of weddings back in 2014.  I created quite a few personalized items for my own wedding, mixed with some rentals from our venue, and LOVED how it all turned out. I had a brother who got married the summer after my wedding (and his wife is Karley of Paisley Peaks) :) and they used some of my decor as well. I then had two friends the next year ask to borrow some of my items, and so that’s what sparked my idea to turn this into a rental business! 

What I offer is decor rental for an event, and then the client returns the next day! This process keeps cost way lower than purchasing everything outright and using more time to list and sell items post-wedding.  I have a TON of items to rent out–linens, table numbers, table number holders, card boxes, signs (we also personalize chalkboard and acrylic signs), lanterns, candles, and a variety of other items.  Our style started out with Rustic-chic, but has grown to encompass a wide range of styles and themes.  We have something for everyone!

The rentals are packaged according to the needs of the client.  We consider guest count, type of event, date needed, and type of item to come up with a personalized package that fits all their needs!  Along the way, we usually have one initial decor meeting to go over the needs/wants, and then clients can meet with me a few more times before the big event to finalize everything!

I love what I do, and also love that I get to work with my family and great friends while helping clients make the wedding of their dreams!  It’s so fun to be a part of the “sister companies” (as we call them), and I look forward to helping many more couples create the wedding of their dreams!

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2) Do you help set up decor or do you have the couples do it?

 I help set up the decor that is rented from us!  I find that clients want most of their time spent on the wedding day to do the fun things–like preparing to walk down the aisle!  So, by my team setting up the decor, it saves clients time so they can more enjoy the day they have worked so hard to plan.  I love setting up and adding my creative flair to the space utilized! That’s not to say if a client rents just a handful of items, or one specific item that does not require a ton of time or effort to set up, we occasionally arrange for clients to set up themselves.

3) Is your decor specifically used for Five 2 Five or can couples use your decor at other venues?  

I have been doing rentals for over 5 years and started out traveling around the state for decor rentals.  Though this year I am mostly focusing rentals on the plateau (Buckley, Bonney Lake, Enumclaw), I will occasionally rent out decor to clients at other venues and locations if we can make it work! 

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I love that all three of these businesses run so seamlessly together and I am so excited to introduce the third and final sister company to The Five2Five Wedding and Event Venue.

Let me introduce you to Paisley Peaks Photo Booth.

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1) Tell me a little bit about your Photobooth and how it is different?

What sets Paisley Peaks Photo Booth apart from most of the other photo booths out there is that it is so portable. It runs off of a small battery pack which makes it so easy to move it wherever the client would like it. I can start off an event at the backdrop setup of choice, and can take it out to the dance floor for the remainder of the night. The photo booth experience is also on e hundred percent digital and images are instantly delivered to the guests via text message and can be instantly shared to social media or family and friends around the world.

2) Do you provide props and is there an attendant onsite to take images or is it an automatic booth?

We provide props for each event which is included in the event rental at no additional cost. A photo booth attendant will stay onsite from the time of arrival till departure. The photo booth is one hundred percent automatic, but we like to keep an attendant on site to ensure that the photo booth experience is running smoothly and just because we have so much fun watching and interacting with the guests!

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3) Why should couples think about adding a photobooth to their wedding?

A photo booth experience will give your guests hours of entertainment.  One if the best features is that it can be used from everyone young too old.  Taking a picture is one of the best ways to capture a moment.  Regardless of the occasion people love to take pictures to remember and look back on a fun filled day.  With a photo booth at your event you also don’t need to stress as much about party favors.  Unlike some party favors, a photo is not as likely to be forgotten or thrown away.  Guests are free to take as many pictures as they would like and it is picture that will want to keep and share for years to come!

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This was such a fun way to end my guest posts for the year.  Each of these businesses are so unique but have created an amazing experience for their couples.  I hope you enjoyed learning more about the wedding industry and have enjoyed these guest posts as much as me.

Here are all three business websites and social media links give them a follow.

The Five2Five Wedding and Event Venue

Instagram: The Five2Five

Facebook: The Five2Five

Maisy+Lola Refined Rustic Rentals

Instagram: Maisy+Lola Refined Rustic Rentals

Facebook: Maisy+Lola Refined Rustic Rentals

Paisley Peaks Photo Booth

Instagram: Paisley Peaks Photo Booth

Facebook: Paisley Peaks Photo Booth

How to Inquire For Makeup Services

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Can you believe it is almost the end of the year?  I truly can’t believe that 2020 will be here before we know it.  And with 2020 coming it means that I will be gearing up for a brand new wedding season.  I am super excited about 2020 and all that it will bring.  So with a new wedding season that means I am starting to get inquiries for weddings and I wanted to bring up inquiries and the best way to utilize my contact forms.  So lets get to it.

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Date, Time, Location

I know that you will definitely already have your date picked out before you inquire.  You may not have a time yet or a location of where you are getting ready.  For me your start and end time are something that can fluctuate because I only take one wedding per day but I like having an end time because I need to know when your pictures are starting and if I need to bring on an additional artist or assistant.  Your getting ready location is nice for me to have in the first inquiry so I can give you an exact quote correctly the first time.  If you are still in the early stages of booking vendors and haven’t quite figured out where you will be getting ready then at least have a city for me so I can check mileage out.

Number of Services  

This is definitely crucial for me to know because I do have a minimum dollar amount that equals to bridal makeup plus 2 attendant’s.  If I get an inquiry where I am available and I don’t have your exact number of services you will be quoted with an estimate for my minimum and your price can go up from there.  I also understand your bridesmaids may not be prepared to give you an answer right away but it is nice for me to have a ball park estimate in case I need to bring on additional artists or assistants.

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Hair Services

Because I am not a hairstylist my contact page has a question that asks if you are needing a hair referral.  If you answer yes my email to you about my availability will have my preferred stylists who I love working with.  I also have their pricing so I can give you an exact quote that has both hair and makeup so you will know what you will be looking at when budgeting for both services.  I find that having their pricing available for you not only makes it easier for you but it also helps you make a decision if you want to hire us as a team or search for someone else.  

Trial Run

Not everyone wants or feels they need to have a trial run.  You can answer either yes or no in this section.  If you answer yes than I will send you a quote with both your trial run and wedding day makeup.  If you answer no that your availability email will have just a quote for day of makeup.  This is definitely something you will need to think about and it is a personal decision as to whether you want a trial run or not.

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I want to know about you and I do have a message box that says tell me a little bit about yourself.  This is my favorite section on my contact page because I get to know a little bit more about who is inquiring and what they are looking for.  This is also the place to ask any questions or let me know if there are any special things I need to know about before sending your quote over.  I tried to make my contact page as easy as possible to give you the most accurate quote the first time with your initial inquiry.  I can’t wait for next week when I do my guest post for you it is going to be a super fun one.  

Historic 1625 Place

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Today I am so excited to get to share an amazing venue, Historic 1625 Place.  I have gotten the chance to work with a few brides from Historic 1625 Place and they all have nothing but amazing things to say about it.  I also have attended quite a few vendor events that Kellie has put together.  What I love about Kellie and all the staff at Historic 1625 Place is their love of the wedding industry and the wedding community in general.  So let’s get to the interview.

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1) Tell me a little bit about Historic 1625 Place?

Historic 1625 originally was built in the late 40’s as a Dodge truck dealership.  The original car showroom was located in the current venue space and there were service bays down below.  Over the decades several different car dealerships occupied the venue, with the last and longest running one being Osborne McCann Cadillac.  The current owners purchased the building in 2005, transformed and updated the building into the stunning event venue that it is today.  We host a variety of special events at the venue space including board meetings, fundraisers, weddings, and holiday parties.

2) What makes your venue different than other venues around?

-Centrally Located: We are easily accessible from the freeways for guests traveling and just minutes from downtown.  Close proximity to hotels as well as many popular photo proximity are a huge plus for our wedding couples!

-Natural Warmth and Elegance: The venue itself is naturally beautiful- our barrel-vaulted wood ceilings, brick walls, and natural slate floor create a warm and elegant setting.  Clients can get away with minimal decor for their event while still having a stunning setting.  It is always fun to see how clients will build off of our natural beauty and personalize the space for their event.

-Exceptional Customer Service: We pride ourselves on our customer service!  We have full-time staff as well as office hours that cater to our clients schedules so that we can serve them as best as possible.  From answering questions that come up during planning to helping with logistics of the event, our staff is always happy to help anyway we can.  We love hearing from our clients via phones or email, or having them stop by the venue- it is always fun hearing how plans are going! 

-Year Round Capabilities: Being an all indoor venue we host events every weekend and do not have to work around the seasons.  We have ample venue space to accommodate ceremony and reception with a quick seamless transition and are fully equipped with air-conditioning and heat to ensure guests are comfortable at all times.  We love seeing the venue take on a different persona throughout the year. 

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3) Do you have preferred vendors that your couples have to book to work with you?

We have a list of partner caterers who handle all catering at Historic 1625.  Beyond catering, our clients can build their vendor team with those individuals of their choosing.  We have recommendations for vendors as needed that frequent the venue often and do a great job!

4) Do you provide tables and chair rentals?

Tables and chairs are included in our venue rentals.  If clients are wanting a different style of table or chair than what we offer, we are always happy to help arrange those rentals for them. 

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5) How far in advance do couples need to book with your Venue?

We have couples book anywhere from a couple months in advance to 20 months in advance, but typically couples book around about 10-12 months in advance.  Our Saturdays get booked up first and Fridays get booked up right behind them as we allow a rental to end as late as 1:00am.  Fridays are a great alternative to those wanting a Saturday but we may already be booked.  

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I am so excited that I got a chance to share one of my favorite Tacoma venues with you all.  If you would like to check out more about Historic 1625 Place click here.