Hello and welcome

Hi everyone,

A big welcome to my new blog and website. If you visited my old site you will notice some major changes. Well for those of you who are new here let me introduce myself.

My name is Korrine and I’m a licensed esthetician, professional make up artist, but most importantly I’m a stay at home part time mom. I work from home but mostly get to hang out with my Irish Twins. That is two babies born within the same year. That’s right I know you have the girl you crazy face on right now. It’s okay they keep me busy. My daughter is a 19 month old spunky toddler and my son is a 9 month crawler.

I love doing make up and doing anything related to skin care. My goal with this blog is to show you guys ways to improve your skin and make up routine. I won’t be posting everyday, but I hope to at least once a month. I love working with photographers and will be showcasing our work on this blog. Thank you for coming and checking it out.