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Today I am so excited to feature Markie from Markie Jones Photography.  I got the chance to work with Markie at a wedding two years ago and started following her on social media.  Her social media is full of personal stories and pictures and Markie is very easy to recognise.  Well one day I was at my kids school for a halloween trick or treating event and I see this woman with blue hair and a camera taking pictures and I didn’t think anything of it but she seemed like someone I knew.  Then at an assembly I saw the same woman and took a chance and reached out to her on Instagram asking if her kids went to my kids school turns out they did.  We met for coffee and she is the sweetest most awesome person and I am so excited to feature her business on my blog so here we go.

1) Tell me a little about yourself and your business?

I like to say that I didn’t “find” photography, but rather photography found me.  Growing up, I wanted to be a veterinarian or a stay at home mom, but I believed I wasn’t artistic (My mom and grandma on the other hand, had loads of artistic abilities between them).  When I started college, pursuing a career as a veterinary technician (I didn’t want another 8 years of school either), I was working in a veterinarian’s office and learned there were a few things about veterinary work that I really didn’t want to deal with.  Because of this, I stopped paying attention in my classes and quickly went from being an A+ student to failing out of community college.  My mom was the one who browsed the course catalog at registration time and found a photography course.  She offered me her Pentax K1000 and told me photography would be easy. 
It was more than easy, it was calming, therapeutic and healing for me.  I could spend full days in the darkroom without realizing how much time had passed.  Listening to the water run through the wet table, the sloshing of the chemicals in the developing tank and the hum of the light tables soothed a part of my spirit I didn’t realize was restless and neglected. After graduating college in 2006, I stepped away a bit, not having somewhere to develop my film on my own.  But my ex-husband offered my skills up to the local Pop Warner Football Team head coach, and I became the team photographer for the Pacifica Tigersharks (2008).  Between games, I’d snap a few portraits of the boys on the sidelines and include them in the team galleries.  Soon the team moms were asking me to photograph their Christmas cards and family sessions. 
After being laid off in 2010, I was offered a “business loan” from my dad with the conditions that I applied for a Washington State Business License, and opened a formal business that I could run during my month long stays in Washington.  While the original plan was for my ex-husband and I to move back to Washington (hence starting the business here), things happened that caused a change in course, and I wound up moving my daughter and myself home in September 2011.  Since then, my business has continued to steadily grow while still providing that outlet I’ve become so fond of.   

2) I feel like every photographer has an individual style.  What would you say yours is?

This is one of those questions that always tongue ties me.  I like to say it’s photojournalistic, true to life photography.  I feel that it’s a combination of simple observation (like what you’d see in a newspaper) combined with the ability to curate and tell the story of the day as it unfolds.  I’m not a fan of muted colors (or that faded green that seems to be popular), nor am I really a light and airy or dark and moody photographer.  The finished edits are clean, simple and very much what you would have viewed on the day of the wedding.  If the grass is golden, it was golden when I shot it.  No gimmicks or crazy photoshop action. 

3) What has been your favorite part about photographing weddings?

 Weddings are amazingly fun because they test my skills.  There is no other genre where you’re going to shoot commercial, family, couples, and candid photography all in the same day.  But my absolute favorite part of weddings… the moment the couple kisses at the end of their ceremony for the first time as a married couple!  It doesn’t matter to me what nationality, gender or identifying personality, I almost ALWAYS tear up at the first kiss. There is just something so special about sealing the deal with a kiss. 

4) When should clients book you for their wedding?

Right this instant, I’m booking 2020 and 2021 weddings.  Since I’m only allowing myself to take a maximum of 20 weekend weddings a year, and I prioritize one weekend a month for family, it’s important to get on my calendar asap when you’re wanting to book.  For those who are interested in week day weddings (my favorites!) I typically book out about 3-6 months. 

5) What is one tip you can give a couple about hiring a photographer?

Have an engagement session with them before you book for your wedding.  A lot of photographers (myself included) offer free engagements in our wedding collections. However, having an engagement session prior to booking will allow you to see how they work, and get a feel for being behind their camera.  It makes me sad when clients hire photographers, then find after their engagement session they aren’t happy with the images/the feeling during the session/something else entirely.  Obviously there are times where this isn’t possible due to time constraints or logistics.  But when possible, definitely do it.  (P.S. Ask in advance if you pay for the engagement outside of the wedding collection, how things are handled when you decide to book). 

If you would like to learn more about Markie and her business please click here.  I loved her tip at the end and think it is so helpful for couples to know.  I have a great group of guest bloggers lined up this year and am so excited to introduce you to them.  Until next time here are you weekly musings from a Bonney Lake Makeup Artist.

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Photography credit Markie Jones Photography

Why do Makeup Artists have a minimum amount of services?

Photography by Olga Andreyanova Photography

As booking season is approaching and I am getting more and more inquiries I am also getting more and more questions about minimums and dollar breakdowns.  So I wanted this blog post to be all about minimum amount of services needed to book.  I am going to be straight up with you when I first started getting serious about bridal I didn’t have a minimum needed to serve I would go all over the place for just one person.  I realized I wasn’t doing myself, my brides or my car any favors.  It was a lot of wear and tear on my vehicle for maybe $100.00 (not including the trial run).  My gas and taxes were most of what I made and I would come home with maybe $15.00 for the entire 3 hours of my time.  Something had to change and that is when I realized I needed a minimum in place.  So here are the reasons why most artists have a minimum dollar amount or services.

Photography by Jenny Ostenson Photography

1) Weddings are everywhere

I have brides getting married all over the PNW.  I drive all over the place I have done weddings in Everett, Kingston, Mt Rainier those location are all well over an hour from where I live.  It honestly does not make sense for me to drive over an hour to just work for an hour.  That is why I have a minimum of bride plus 2 services needed to book so that way driving that hour makes more sense.

2) Bridesmaids, MOB’s and MOG’s should be able to get ready too

Your bridesmaids, mother of the bride and mother of the groom have already bought the dress, the shoes, the jewelry.  They want to look beautiful too and you should want them to look beautiful.  I also love to create cohesive looks so that is also why I have a minimum because I want them to feel good and I have found having 2 people also getting ready with my brides makes for a fun day.

Photography by Rebecca Jane Photography

3) Weddings are typically on the weekends and some holidays 

I love doing bridal work it is my most favorite thing in the world.  I love spending my weekends and sometimes holidays with my brides and hanging out with you and your family.  However on the weekends when I am with my brides I am also giving up time with my kids which we have a good schedule now and they have grown up in this lifestyle so it doesn’t phase them.  I have a minimum because I want to make sure that time away from my babies is worth it and is also enough to cover the occasional baby sitter if my husband gets called into work.  

Doing bridal is my favorite I love it and what I really want for my blog is for you all to get the inside scoop on bridal beauty services.  I feel even still that our category as a wedding vendor is confusing for brides because when thinking of makeup artistry and doing updos you think of per service instead of group total.  Photography is easier to understand because they have hourly packages, catering is easy to understand because you have to feed your guests so you go by guest count and plate service.  Beauty services still has a lot of misinformation out there.  So I want to make my blog fun, informative and also give you all the knowledge of why we charge what we charge and do what we do.  So you can be a better consumer.  Anyway here is my weekly musings of a Bonney Lake bridal makeup artist.  

2019 Year End Review

Photography by Nick Plus Danee

I honestly can’t believe that 2019 is coming to a close.  This year has been amazing for me.  I am going to keep this blog short and sweet.  This year I got the chance to style 36 amazing women on their wedding day and while that number isn’t the biggest on earth it is mine.  It is a number that means 36 women trusted me to be apart of their most special day.  It means 36 women came to my website read my reviews, saw the images and something spoke to them.  I am so grateful to you all for trusting me and letting me be apart of your special day.

I want to thank first and foremost my past brides for sharing their reviews and images so I can use them for my website and social media.  This is the key to my success and I so appreciate it.  

Next I want to thank my team members while we all have separate businesses without your help my business wouldn’t be what it is.  You guys are a huge part of why we keep being able to do this.  So thank you Brenda for being with me for the past 5 ish seasons.  Katie for being a great friend and an awesome second artist.  Tara I have really enjoyed watching you grow and getting to work with you.  Jennifer thank you for working with me again this year it is so fun to get to have you as a second.  Nicole you were a huge help this year and I really enjoy that I got to do GNO with you and have you on as a second artist.  Dawn thank you for stepping in and helping with a few weddings you were amazing.

I also want to thank the vendors that I have gotten to build amazing relationships with Callie Holcomb you will be forever someone I am thankful for knowing.  I am so appreciative of your referrals and friendship.  Paula you are someone I love working with each time I know you are doing florals I get so excited.  The Kelley Farm I love you guys.  Kellie from Historic 1625 Place thank you for referring your brides and getting vendors together.  There are many more and I am so appreciative of you all.

Next I want to thank the photographers who have shared their work with me.  Without you all I would have no content and you all produce beautiful work.  Thank you Luma Weddings, Nick Plus Danee, Erin Perkins Photography, Olga Andreyanova Photography, Savanna Marlee Photography, Megan Montalvo Photography, Alex Kruse Photography, Ella Florence Photography, Clara Pathe Photography, Jamie Denise Photography, and Cameron Zegers Photography.

Last I want to thank all of my guest bloggers this year I know that took time out of your busy schedules and I appreciate it.  So here is to Kali Lu Photography, My Perfect Bartender, DJ Tony Schwartz, Historic 1625 Place, Basic Invite, Something to Chalk About, Love Blooms Wedding and Events, The Five 2 Five, Maisy Plus Lola and Paisley Peaks Photobooth.  This was kind of a new thing for me to do and I really enjoyed showcasing your businesses.  You all are amazing.  Next year I have major goals and if I don’t and while I would love to succeed in all of it I am grateful for what I get.  Each bride comes with a story and I just love being apart of it.

Photography by Erin Perkins Photography

Photography by Jamie Denise Photography

Photography by Megan Montalvo Photography

Photography by Alex Kruse Photography

Photography by Cameron Zegers Photography

Photography by Luma Weddings

Photography by Ella Florance Photography