Things are getting spicy up in here!

OOOH WEEE things are going to get hot up in here.  Today I get to share with you all about my beautiful friend Autumn Rudolph from Autumn L. Rudolph Photography.  We met a few years ago when she needed a makeup artist for one of her shoots and have been working together ever since.  What I love about Autumn is she is all about women empowerment.  Her work is raw, beautiful and shows women of all shapes, sizes, colors.  She is not a cookie cutter boudoir photographer.  She is simply amazing.  

Here is her interview.

1) How did you get started in boudoir photography? 

 I got started in boudoir photography kind of by accident.  I worked at a radiology billing office and one of my work friends saw boudoir photos done on a motorcycle. She knew I was trying to get into photography, and asked if I would take some for her. The shoot went AWFUL.  I was a baby photographer and didn’t know what I was doing. The photos were taken in her garage with 2 little bare-bulb lamps, I was so clueless! However, what came out of that was her feeling SO good about herself and sexy, and that was the hook for me, so I just kept working on it until finally I was so in love with shooting boudoir, that outside of couples, I don’t want to shoot anything else!

2) What is your favorite thing about doing boudoir photography?  

My favorite thing about boudoir is helping to give women a positive perspective on their bodies and what it means to be a beautiful, strong, sexy woman.  It’s a confidence boost for sure, and I think that is so needed in a society that is constantly telling us women that we have to be skinny but curvy, and that we must be super women able to juggle a full time job, kids, a household, while looking perfect all the time.  It’s insane!  Boudoir is meant to be an “eff you” to diet culture, rape culture, and an “eff yes” to body positivity, loving yourself for who you are, and owning your sexuality.

3) What do you do for your clients that is different than other boudoir photographers?

Well for starters my work is a bit more on the intimate side.  It’s darker, more shadowy and moody. I’m also a full service boudoir photographer.  It’s really important to me that my clients only go home with images that make them feel 1,000% sexy and confident when they look at them.  Sometimes when we get a blanket group of digital images, there’s some images we may not love, and I know many women (myself included) that sometimes we tend to focus on the negative, and those couple of images that we don’t like, kind of spoil the whole bunch a little bit.  So I walk through the images together with my clients.  They only purchase the ones they feel good about it!  Also I’m big into tangible, luxury items, so yes, you do get digitals in your image package, BUT you’re also going to get something solid like a leather album, something to hang in a master bedroom or a crystal glass box of prints for your nightstand.  Technology changes so swiftly it’s important to me that my clients have something to hang on to for a while.

4) If a client is nervous or insecure about doing a shoot what are some things that you do that will ease her mind?

Nerves are totally normal!  I haven’t had a single client that hasn’t been at least a teensy bit nervous, but there’s a couple of things that I do to help ease these nerves. One is I meet with all my clients before they book.  Even if it’s just a phone call I want them to hear my voice and know me so that when we get to the shoot they’re not walking in to some stranger.  I’ll know you, I’ll know your expectations already, and you’ll know who I am! Second, I am in this with all of my clients, and what I mean by that is I am your personal cheerleader and life coach.  I’ll walk my clients through their nerves, talk it out, give breathing exercises, etc.  During the shoot I do all the poses too!  So my clients are never alone in the process.  Usually by the time we get into the first 20 minutes of shooting, there’s no more nerves. The music is going and it ends up being a fun girl’s day for everyone involved!

To view more of Autumn’s work go to

GNO Dance Party 2018!!!!!

Holy cow I have to tell you all about the most amazing experience.  A few months ago my friend Callie from Holcomb Weddings and Events told me about how her assistant Crystal and Erica from The Kelley Farm were working a wedding and wished they could have a party of their own for just girls.  If you have had the honor of meeting these three it wouldn’t surprise you that within 6 months they had a wonderful charity picked out that the proceeds would go to The Angel Wings Foundation, and the most amazing group of vendors to help put this incredible event together.  They sold over 300 tickets for this party and oh man was it amazing to be in a room with that many women and to hear how sweet everyone was and how you could just hear women giving compliments to other women and how you could dance with other groups and they were welcoming it was so much fun and I was honored to be one of their sponsors and glam the girls up. 

I feel like each one of these incredible people need their own highlight.  The Kelley Farm is a beautiful venue and was the perfect location for this event.  Callie and Crystal from Holcomb Weddings and Events spent ample hours figuring out the details to make GNO what it was.  DJ Tony Schwartz and his lighting crew did a fantastic job keeping the party going, his set was amazing.  Puget Sound Photo Booth Co was such a hit and had everybody laughing.  Reese from Simple Light Photography captured the event beautifully (it was so fun dancing with her).  Confete Party Box gave an amazing display with balloons that lit up.  Happy Camper Cocktails kept the drinks coming and is always a joy to work with.  Samantha Madeo Graphic Design designed the best logo.  There were 2 vendors that really came through Puget Sound Farm Tables called Callie a few days before the event and offered to help with tables and Wanna Cupcake gave 400 full sized cupcakes for this event which was amazing.  Also huge thank you to our security team for keeping us safe.

For my part I got to get 8 beautiful ladies ready for their night out with the help of an amazing hairstylist.  Nicole who stepped in and did a fantastic job was curling hair as I was doing makeup and we made a great team.  We started at 3:30 pm and ended by 8:00 pm which was fast but made the whole evening fun.  I really got to push myself.  I wanted to make every girl feel glammed up so I went with more smokey eyes and lashes and less natural looks which was a lot of fun.  It was also nice to see how everyone’s makeup wore throughout the night.  I know for bridal longevity is one of their main concerns and I can honestly say that I have witnessed 8 different people dancing for hours and they still looked amazing by the end of the night.  Now for some of the looks I did.

I can’t wait for next year!!! 

Vendor List

Angel Wings Foundation

The Kelley Farm

Holcomb Weddings and Events

Simple Light Photography

DJ Tony Schwartz

The Puget Sound Photo Booth Co.

Puget Sound Farm Tables

Confete Party Box

Happy Camper Cocktails

Wanna Cupcake

Samantha Madeo Graphic Design

Nicole Huzienga

Moody elegance

I was asked by Chloe from Chloe Nicole Weddings if I would like to be apart of a styled shoot, I had plans the afternoon of the shoot but knew I had to say yes when I asked who was going to be apart of it.  I have been following the photographer of the shoot for a while and always wanted a chance to work with Mossfloor Photography so I had to do it and Brenda my partner in hair said she wanted to do it too so it worked out.  Once you see the images you will see why I couldn’t turn it down.

We were going with a vintage theme and I knew I wanted to do red lips.  When Chloe showed me pictures of our model she looked exactly like Michelle Dockery from Downton Abbey which I am a huge fan of.  I had my inspiration for the shoot and wanted to keep things very classic and clean with focus being on the eyes and lips.

I decided to do a classic smokey eye and it turned out beautiful, she looked absolutely stunning and the burgendy red lip looked amazing on her.  Her hair couldn’t have been more perfect Brenda truly outdid herself with this updo.  I love how everything fit the theme of the shoot and truly was a moody elegant vintage shoot.

To view the rest of the gorgeous details check out the feature that Apple Brides did.  You won’t regret it.

Full vendor list

Photography Mossfloor Photography

Planner Chloe Nicole Weddings

Venue Manchester State Park

Hair by I Do Hair by Brenda

Floral Petal + Vine

Stationary rjcalligraphyco

Wedding Cake Pacific Northwest Cupcakes

Rentals The Meaningful Details

Linens Party Crush Studio

Dress Enchanted Bridals