My Partner in Hair

Where did July go?  Holy cow now that I am in full blown wedding season I am going to try to do a blog post once a month.  This month has been full of weddings and trial runs and I am so excited for all the different looks my brides have chosen to do.  I have been truly blessed with some amazing brides this year and I couldn’t have done it without my partner in hair.  I have worked with Brenda now for 3 seasons now.  We met at a wedding where we were both working on a wedding and completely hit it off not only is she an amazing stylist who wants the best for her clients she is an amazing friend who I am so glad to have met.  So today it is my great honor to do my friendor blog about Brenda!!!

1) How long have you been doing hair?

I have been doing hair for 19 years.

2) Did you go to school for hair?  If you did what school did you go to?

Yes I had to go to Cosmetology school and complete 1800 hours to be able to get my license.  As for the school I chose to go to Gene Juarez.

3) What is your favorite thing about doing hair?

I love making people feel beautiful.  There’s nothing better than turning the chair around and seeing my clients face light up.

4) What are some tips you have for brides to get their hair wedding ready?

Here are my hot tips for wedding ready hair.  You need to get your hair cut 3 to 4 weeks before the big day.  I understand that most brides are growing out their hair but if the ends are split or dry it makes it hard to get smooth polished hair.  I also recommend to get your hair colored 2 to 3 weeks before.  And on the day of your trial run have your hair looking as close to how you want it to for your wedding as you can.  This will help you and your stylist create a look that is perfect for your wedding day.

5)  What are helpful hints that you can tell a bride prepare them for your wedding day?  For example what styles work for what hair type?

My best advice and I can’t stress this enough is to communicate with your stylist.  Talk about your wedding style (bohemian, classic, whimsical).  Then talk about the venue, is your wedding indoors or outdoors.  This can determine whether to wear your hair up or down.  Then there’s the dress to talk about next.  After talking about the details it’s time to talk about styles that will best work for your hair type and face shape.  This info will help your stylist determine if you need extensions, fillers or hiding your hair if it’s thick.  The more you talk to your stylist the easier it will be for them to create a customized look.

6) What sets you apart from other stylists?

My ability to create custom looks for my brides.  I love spending time with them to really get to know them and their needs for their big day.  Even though I have been doing hair for 19 years I still believe in continuing education.  You can never learn to much and I think the biggest thing that sets me apart is my passion for bridal hair.

7) Tell us something about yourself?

I’m a mom of 3 boys, I have been married to the love of my life for 18 years.  If I get really quiet while doing your hair don’t take it personally, it means I am in the zone and creating your masterpiece.

There you have it my partner in hair and why I love working with her.  You can find her work on instagram here

Photography credit Chris Klass Photography, John Curry PhotographyAnne Burgess Photography, Autumn L. Rudolph Photography and Moss Floor Photography

Pride Week and anniversary’s

Since it is pride week I thought it was fitting to share a real wedding on here.  Not only did these two lovely ladies get married during Pride Week, the got married last year to the day so it is their first anniversary.  I got the oppurtunity to meet Stephanie and Amber a few years ago at a wedding I was working, Stephanie was helping with hair and Amber was just hanging out and helping anywhere she could.  They were so much fun and we had a great time at the wedding getting the bridal party wedding.

Fast forward to 3 years ago they both came to The Kelley Farm bridal showcase looking at a few vendors for their wedding, when I saw them we got to talking and catching up.  They already had a makeup artist who was going to help with their huge bridal party so at that time they weren’t looking for beauty services.  The next year at the show they were back and this time they actually did need a makeup artist and decided to hire me.  

I had so much fun getting to really know these two and getting a chance to do both of their makeup for their wedding and I really wanted to choose looks that represented each of them as individuals.  We did a trial run for both of them on the same day but they didn’t see each other.  It was so nice to work with girls that were in the industry and knew what to expect.  

The wedding day was so much fun, I recruited my friend Katie to help with makeup and we worked on their huge party.  I have to tell you being apart of their day was such an honor and to see the love in the room was amazing.  And to conclude this blog post love is love and we all deserve to get to love who we want to.  Happy Anniversary Stephanie and Amber.

Photography by Victoria Greener Photography

Picking a timeless wedding look

So I did this styled shoot a few years ago and while this is from an older shoot these pictures still look relevant.  Today I want talk about picking a look for your wedding that will last forever.  My goal for each of my brides is for them to look back at their images and like what they see, I want them to say wow I still look like me and I remember feeling flawless and beautiful.  I don’t want my brides to look at their images and say holy cow what was I thinking.

We have all seen it you are looking through an old wedding album and you see the puffy sleeves, big hair, blue eyeshadow and pastel bell bottoms.  Usually the response is that was the style back then.  The bridal industry has come a long way since the 70’s and we should be thankful for that.  Here are some tips on how to choose a makeup look that will last a lifetime.

1) Don’t do anything trendy.  I know that glittery highlighters and chiseling the heck out of your face is all the rage but those looks will date you.  Instead go for light highlighting and contouring only where it is necessary.  You don’t need it and it is hard for a photographer to edit.

2) If you don’t normally wear a lot of makeup your wedding day isn’t the day to try something new.  If you are wanting a smokey eye or a daring lip color test it out before your wedding day so you are used to seeing yourself wearing a dramatic look. I love a smokey eye and there are ways to make it functional for your wedding day.

3) Stick with the classics.  There is nothing prettier than a bride that has a vintage inspired look.  There are ways to make it modern so you don’t feel like you are Rita Hayworth in “Gilda”.  

4) There is only so much I can do for your skin make sure you start taking care of your skin’s needs way before your wedding day like as soon as you get engaged way before.

5) Have your bridal look match the tone of your wedding.  Meaning if you are having a day time wedding in a garden than a pretty natural bridal look with soft pinks, and nudes will look best.  If you are having an evening wedding with a cocktail hour than go for a more dramatic look.

6) I truly believe less is best if you are glamming up the eyes than keep your skin clean and lips light.  If you are going for a more dramatic lip than keep your eyes neutral.

7) I have never seen a bride that is not beautiful on her wedding day.  A smile is all that is needed to make you glow.

Photography by Jenny Ostenson Photography