Myth’s Debunked

If you have been a bride, are a current bride or are hoping to get married I can bet dimes to donuts that you have read The Knot, Wedding Wire and any other magazine or online blog about the wedding industry.  Usually these blogs and magazines give you as a bride and consumer a guideline of what to look for in your wedding vendors, or today’s specific topic your beauty team.  I am not saying that all of them are wrong but there is a lot about makeup artistry as a whole that is confusing especially in the bridal industry and I am going to debunk some of those things today.

1st Myth:  You should book your makeup artist 3 months before your wedding.

Yes you read that correctly.  Why is booking your makeup artist 3 months before your wedding not a good idea, well for starters the artist that you want will probably be booked.  I know for myself I start booking as early as a year from the wedding.  You want to book your makeup artist and hairstylist at least 6 months to a year from your wedding date.  Just like photographer’s need to take your engagement pictures, your makeup artist and hair stylist need a trial run.

Myth 2:  Your artist should be able to copy a picture that you found on pinterest or instagram.

This one is impossible for any artist to accomplish.  Why?  Because you are not the model or actress in the picture.  I love pinterest for inspiration I utilize pinterest with my own brides but I make it clear that you are you and these are just for inspiration. Instead I tell my brides to find inspiration pictures with a model that has similar features if you are blonde haired and blue eye do not pin pictures with brown haired brunette models.  this is the same for hair if you have thin medium length hair do not expect to get a super textured boho wave without some extensions.  

Myth 3: Artists should know how and want to do everything from glam to natural.

There is a scenario for you.  You just got engaged and are starting to look for makeup artists and hair stylists.  You are attracted to an artists portfolio but most of their pictures show more bohemian brides.  You love makeup and are wanting a high glam look, you don’t see it in their portfolio but love all the images. You decide to book them for your wedding.  You start finding high glam images for your inspiration.  You show up and do the trial run and while it was glam it wasn’t exactly what you are thinking of, your highlight isn’t bright enough, your lashes aren’t thick enough and your lips weren’t overfilled.  You don’t understand why this makeup artist wasn’t able to do what you wanted she is a makeup artist after all.  

Here is the thing, this happens all the time.  You have to trust the artists portfolio we are not all the same, we all have different techniques, we all have our thing.  I personally prefer to do natural with a little glam but I am not all about the highlight poppin and over drawn lips and that is okay.  If that is what you are wanting I can refer you gladly to someone who does it.  It is 100% okay to not jive with everybody you should choose your artist based on your preference and what their portfolio looks like.

Myth 4: Your trial run has to be perfect.

Your trial run is exactly that a trial run.  Your artist will use their best judgement based on your face shape, details of your wedding.  If you have to make tweaks on your wedding day that is okay.  You can change your mind.  You also have to communicate with your artists about your likes and dislikes.  

I had a bride who did her hair trial run.  The hair was in a full updo and she was taking other people’s opinions about how her hair should be from family and friends, even though it wasn’t what she really wanted and didn’t communicate what she really wanted at the 1st trial run.  She called and said she didn’t think it would work out with the stylist because she wanted her hair down and curled.  I reminded her that she never communicated she wanted her hair down during the trial and to give it another shot.  We did a second trial run with both hair and makeup.  We did her hair down and curled off to the side and she loved it, she looked stunning and she was so happy.  Sometimes you have to go with your inner gut and not listen to people and you have to communicate it with your artist.  Having a second trial run or tweaking things the day of the wedding isn’t a big deal and you have to trust the vendor you hired.

Myth 5: It is only makeup and hair so you don’t need to put a non-refundable booking fee down or sign a contract.

Okay so this one is huge.  Just like with all your other wedding vendors we hold your date for a very long time.  That means that we are also giving up weddings and other appointments to hold your date.  Now let’s say something happens and you no longer need services.  We probably won’t be able to book anything to recoup that loss.  That is why there is a booking fee.  And you really shouldn’t be working with a vendor if they don’t have a contract.  Your contract protects both you and your vendor.

This is going to be a recurring blog series, it might not always be myths being debunked but it is going to be all about the bridal industry and how it pertains to your wedding.  And how my process as your makeup artist works.  Next month is going to be exciting I have bridal photographer Kali Leenstra being featured as my friendor.

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Hair I Do Hair by Brenda

All about video

Holy cow are you ready for the snowpocalypse?  I am not looking forward to it we still haven’t gotten rid of the snow from the last snow storm.  This February has been one for the record.  Today on the blog it is all about videography.  I interviewed my friendor Reid Johnson from Best Made Videos.  He is an amazing videographer and captures wedding days beautifully.  

I hear a lot from brides saying that they don’t want to invest in videography and they feel pictures are enough.  For me personally it was one of my biggest regrets when I got married, I would have loved to have seen Justin and my wedding day captured on film.  There are many reasons why I feel video is so important one of them is you get a chance to see you and your spouse on the most important day and you get to review all the details and laughter and love.  Also I read about a bride who lost her spouse and video from her wedding day was a way for her to hear her husbands voice and see him happy.  How special is that.  Anyway I could go on and on about this so I am going to go ahead and get to our interview.

1) How did you get your start in Videography?  

I went to school for broadcast journalism at Gonzaga University.  I shot news for about 6 years before transitioning to my own company in 2013.  I became disillusioned with the broadcast news industry and wanted to find a way to have more personal and professional growth along with securing a more long-term job for myself moving forward. 

This episode has some more info -

2) If you are shooting video at a venue you have worked at before how do you make each story unique? 

The biggest thing about our company is we really focus on the personalities of the couples.  Even if we shoot at the same venue which we usually do a lot the couples own quirks and other unique personalities will make their video stand apart and be different than anybody else’s.  This is also the feedback that we get from lots of our inquiries they appreciate feeling like the couples personalities are captured and represented in the video.  We have our clients go through detailed shot lists as well as have giving them lots of say in the music that we use for their videos.  All of this really helps us fine tune our videos to each and every client we work with.  It is the utmost of importance for us to make sure that our couples feel as though our videos represent their day 100% authentically.

Here’s some text copied from our site - 


Allow us to tell the story of one of the most important days of your life using your own words. No cheesy wedding videos here! We will capture all the sights and sounds of your special wedding day and use them to weave a narrative that is entirely your own. Let us give you a wedding video you can be proud of and cherish forever.  Everything about our fantastic wedding couples is captured in their own unique wedding videos, making sure that no two wedding videos are ever the same!

3) What are some things a couple need to know when looking for a Videographer? 

I think the biggest thing about hiring a videographer is experience and equipment. We own all of our own equipment there is never any doubt whether or not we will have what we need to capture their wedding day.  Not to say that people cannot rent equipment as needed, it’s just something to keep in mind.  Also the amount of experience that we have we have shot over 200 weddings is something that sets us apart.  We simply have a lot more on the ground experience than your regular craigslist or smaller videography company.  In my experience newer or less experienced companies also don’t take the necessary precautions in backing up a client’s footage following the wedding day.  I spend an extraordinary amount of time and money on this, and it is something that I guarantee for our clients for years to come.  That is also something to keep in mind and ask about when looking for a videographer.  Most videographers take longer to deliver the wedding videos than the photographers, although we do not taking only about 1-2 weeks, therefore it is important to make sure that the footage is protected until it is delivered to the client.

The biggest thing that I always tell people is that besides your photos, your video is the only thing you are able to keep after your wedding. The venue, your DJ, food, decor, none of that you will be able to keep with you except for your photos and video. So I hear a lot of people wanting to cut their budget and find a cheaper photo or video person my advice would be to focus on cutting costs in other areas to ensure that you can have at least some sort of video and/or photo coverage of your day.
Even your hair and make up, as essential as it is to your wedding day will only be preserved  through photos and video.

4) How are you different from other videographers?

I think the thing that sets us apart from other companies is like I mentioned above the fact that we have a very quick turnaround. Our contract talks about 1 to 4 weeks following the wedding day for delivery, we usually deliver around one and half to two weeks following the wedding day.  Most of our couples enjoy watching their highlight wedding videos either on their honeymoon or shortly after they return home, which is a great experience!  

I love learning about other vendors and what makes them unique and I want to thank Reid again for giving us this fantastic interview so we can learn more about what makes him an awesome videographer for your wedding.  To learn more about his business please go to his website at

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2018 year end review

Can you believe it is 2019 already.  Once wedding season really got going I took a little break from blogging but now I am back.  Last year was such an amazing year for me and my business.  I did makeup for 31 weddings last year.  Each bride was so unique and I had a blast getting to be apart of each bride’s wedding.  I also got the chance to assist a few amazing artists for their weddings which was amazing.  It is one thing for you to work your own weddings but to have another artist trust you to work theirs is a huge honor.

Another thing that happened last year is I got to be apart of a styled shoot that featured my gorgeous sister in law and brother in law.  Not only did I get to do her makeup our shoot got published in Burnett’s Boards.  I didn’t get a chance to participate in a lot of shoots last year because I got so busy but I was so thrilled to be apart of that one.  

I did get an opportunity to be apart of a pod cast to talk about the bridal makeup and hair with Reid from Best Made Video.  I felt that pod cast was so important because the beauty side of your wedding day can be confusing and I wanted to talk about all the things that are important to me like licensing, timelines and what to expect when working with me.  I will put a link for the pod cast at the bottom of the blog in case you want to give a listen to it.

I can’t wait for what 2019 has in store for me and I have a lot of big goals that I want to accomplish!!

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