Anchor save the dates

Your invitation sets the tone of your wedding.  You want to find an invitation style and design that will guide your guests in how you want your wedding day to be.  A formal invitation with fancy lettering will let your guests know that your event will be more formal.  Cute anchor save the dates will let your guests know that your wedding will be on the water.  Invitations with cute, fun lettering will give your guests a more casual feel. 80

I am super excited to have teamed up with Basic Invite and that I get to share with you all they have to offer.  This company is amazing, it is not your average invitation company.  They offer invitations, custom coaster wedding favors, websites and more.  I was very impressed by how easy it was to create my own samples and how many themes they have available to you.  What was also cool is when I went through the nautical theme invite samples they had so many different designs and color choices.  They also had bridal shower invites and coasters in the same theme as your bridal invites so you can keep your bridal theme going throughout your wedding.  

Ordering with them was super easy.  I just got a sample pack with 6 different invitations, but before I picked those out I wanted to see how easy it was to customize my invite to fit me.  You are able to pick out your theme, color scheme, change your wording and change your paper to foiled.  The shipping takes about 7 to 11 days but your invites are worth the wait.  What I loved about my sample pack was the packaging was very pretty and I am a sucker for pretty packaging.  

The anchor save the dates were so pretty.  What I loved is the fact that they were simple and had a really pretty border and the border went to the back of the card.  The invite also is very sturdy and not easily bendable.   

I also ordered a bridal shower invitation in nautical theme because I wanted to see the difference between a wedding invite and a shower invitation.  I feel like with a shower invite you can play a little more and they did not disappoint.  The invite was fun, had bright colors and was very cute perfect for a bridal shower.

I will be definitely ordering from Basic Invite again.  The quality, price and ease of ordering and customizing your invite is what really sells me on this product.  They have invitations for every event.  Also the fact that you can get samples sent to you before you buy is awesome.  After I got my order I got an email from customer service asking how I liked my samples with a code to get 20% off my order so that tells me customer service is important to them.

Please note that while this post was a sponsored post for Basic Invite all opinions were my own.  

Defining your bridal style

Photography credit Betty Globa Photography

Before you were a wedding planning goddess I am sure you were a person.  Who are you?  What do you like?  What defines you?  You might be wondering what this has to do with defining your bridal style.  It has everything to do with it.  You want your wedding to resemble you and your fiance and what you love about each other.  Your day is 100% about you two and your future together.  

So…who are you? Are you a barista, dog groomer, doctor, lawyer?  Are you a Zumba loving, latin dancing, club going kind of a girl?  Are you a runner who likes to get away by taking a jog on a beach?  Are you an antique shopping, Saturday morning farmers market going, book reading type of a gal?  Do you wear a ton of makeup and follow all the influencers and love a good glow?  Are you one who just gets up and goes out the door with a little mascara on?  All of these are questions you should ask yourself before you start planning your wedding.  These are questions your vendors will be asking you so you need to have an answer for them.  

If you are a laid back kind of a gal who just wants to feel comfortable and enjoy your day, your wedding might look something like this:  Simple details, smaller bouquet, outdoor ceremony overlooking a field, a no frills dress that you can walk and breathe in.  Simple makeup with not a lot of touching up involved.

Photography credit: The Amburgey’s, Corliss Photography, Gina Paulson Photography

If you are a bride with an adventurous spirit your wedding might look something like this:

Elopement on a mountain, with a small guest count of just family and friends.  Your look could be either simple and soft or a touch of glam.  Your details are gorgeous with color.  You might wear a jacket with your dress so you don’t get cold.

Photography credit: Samantha McCleary Photography, Jenny Ostenson Photography and Erin Perkins Photography

If you are someone who likes routine, tradition and wants the ceremony your wedding might look like this:  Church ceremony, reception site somewhere else, indoors with outdoor accessibility, traditional dress with lace and buttons.

Photography credit: Autumn L. Rudolph Photography, Simple Light Photography

If you are a city girl who loves art shows and enjoying shopping your wedding might look something like this:  Married in the city, modern details, You want your wedding to represent art.  Your dress will be something you can walk in and silk.

Photography Credit: Kayla Jannika Photography, Kristen, Logan Westom Photography

Whatever style you relate to just remember that your wedding day is about so much more than the details.  It is about the love between you and your future husband.  It is about your family and friends who have supported you guys through the years.  No matter where you get married it will always be a celebration of two lives joining together.

5 tips for a successful trial run

If you are recently engaged and starting to pick out your vendors you are probably finding it pretty daunting and not knowing where to start.  You are looking for your venue, photographer, dress all in that order.  That is why a lot of vendors offer things like walk throughs, cake tasting and engagement pictures this helps you see if you would like working with these wedding pros for your big day.  Makeup and hair is no different, we offer this fun thing called a trial run. This is where you get a chance to find the look for your wedding and really see if you and your beauty team will mesh.

Trial runs are usually done a month before your wedding, after you have booked your team so that way your hair is the same length as you want it to be for your wedding, your skin is looking glowy because you have been taking care of it.  You are excited because you are so close to your big day.  Sometimes makeup artists offer a trial run as a seperate appointment so you can try before booking, this is a great option if you are nervous or have had a bad experience in the past.  This blog post is all about trial runs and how to have the best experience so you won’t be a bundle of nerves.

Tip number 1:

Take care of your skin and hair before your trial run.  If you know you are wanting a spray tan do it before your trial run so you are the correct shade.  If you want your lashes to voluminous and want to get lash extensions get them a few days before your trial run so you will have the length and thickness you want.  Getting a facial is a wonderful relaxing way to prep for your trial and wedding day.  Make sure your hair is the length you are wanting and bring extensions if you are wanting to wear those on your wedding.  Take care of yourself prior to the trial run and you will already be feeling great.

Tip number 2:  Do not go to your trial run with a full face of makeup we will have to take it off and that can aggravate your skin.  Do come with clean face and hair.  You will thank me later for this tip.

Tip number 3:

Do come to your trial run with all of your accessories, veil and wear a nice dress shirt in your dress color.  This will help you envision you wearing your wedding dress.  An even better tip is to come on a day where you can try your wedding dress on.  90% of my brides don’t wear a lot of makeup and even if we do a natural look you will still feel like you are wearing more than usual.  Having access to your dress on your trial run makes all the difference in the world.

Tip number 4:

When looking for inspiration pictures for your wedding day find images that look like you.  Even better find your celebrity doppleganger and pin images of them on the red carpet.  This will give you a more realistic idea of what you want to look like on your wedding day.  Remember these are images you will have forever and you want to look like an enhanced version of yourself.

Tip number 5:

Have your top 3 images that you love so you are not overwhelmed with a bunch of different looks.  Also the trial run lasts about 2 hours so enjoy yourself.  We are the professionals and your stylist and I have a pretty good idea of what we want to do for you before you do.

Photography by Simple Light Photography, GSquared Photography