How to personalize your wedding

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When a bride books me for their wedding day I set up a consultation with them this is a quick 30 minute meet and greet for me to get to know you and hear a little bit about your story.  I love everything about weddings.  I love a couple’s story, I love the families when they are together to celebrate the bride and the joining of two families.  I love the happiness in the room.  It is such a special time and a real honor to be apart of something so remarkable.  What I love most is when brides take the extra care to create something special and personalized.  It makes your day that more special.  

I know for myself my favorite memory about my wedding day is that my Aunt and Uncle let us use their house for the reception where we had all our family parties, my grandma made my cake.  I love antique jewelry and anything from the 30’s to the 50’s.  My husband picked out a ring that was from the 30’s.  My cake plate was from an antique store and it is all glass and from the 40’s.  I wouldn’t change a single thing about my wedding day.  Here are a few tips on how to personalize your wedding day.


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Tip 1: Pick a location that means something to you  

True story I had a bride last season who loved backpacking and she always hung out in the mountains and skied and hiked and just loved being outdoors.  She and her fiance ended up dating a long time ago and lost touch.  When she went to Crystal Mountain they reunited in the bar and were together ever since.  Guess where they got married?  Crystal Mountain.  How sweet is that!

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Tip 2: Have your first look spot be your first date

I had one bride and groom choose to do their first look pictures in the diner that they had their first date.  What I loved about this wedding is the fact that they can remember their beginning when they start their life together.  I would have loved to have done pictures in my dress with Justin on the Tacoma waterfront where we had our first date.  It is such a sweet reminder of everything you have done as a couple to get to the wedding day.  

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Tip 3: Add details from your heritage

I had one bride whose ancestry was Scottish her details were so cute.  She wore emerald earrings, she had green plaid shoes, a green barrette for her red hair that looked stunning.  We kept her look soft and simple she did not wear a lot of makeup and didn’t want to look overly made up.  I love when brides use details that are personal especially when they are apart of their bridal look.

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Tip 4: Personalize your ceremony

I had a bride last season who was in choir in college and an amazing singer.  Singing was a huge part of her and her fiance’s life.  She had a big surprise for her fiance as she was walking down the aisle.  She prepared a song.  The whole morning she was practicing while we were getting her ready with tears in her eyes you could tell she was just so excited to do this for him.  

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Personalizing your wedding should not cause stress it should be as organic and unique as the two of you.  You want your wedding day to be fun and memorable.  I have been married for almost 10 years.  I don’t remember what was said at the ceremony, I don’t remember what my guests told me as I greeted them.  I remember that my family came together to give me an amazing day, I remember that my sweet grandma and I sat down and went through magazines to come up with my perfect cake.  I remember that my best friends speech made me cry.  Those are the things I remember and those are the things that you will too.  

Details done right

You can tell that this month is all about the details.  All about what makes your wedding day special.  This blog post today is super exciting this is a real life wedding done right.  This was a two day affair for me.  What I love about this wedding was I was able to create two different looks.  Sarah had two different dresses and everything was so personalized.  It was so fun and different for me.  Your wedding should be a celebration of you two and what you want.  It is okay to do things differently from everyone else.  

What I loved about these two is the fact that they wanted to do everything together.  Reed came to the trial run and was there with Sarah and he was so sweet the whole time giving her compliments and telling her she looked beautiful, I can honestly say I have never had a fiance at a trial run before.  This man waited for 2 hours while we figured out her two different looks.  For the courthouse wedding we wanted to do something a little more natural and glowy.  We stuck with a neutral eye and balanced everything with a soft red lip.  For the reception we wanted to glam it up with a smoky grey eye shadow and a darker lip.

What I also loved about this wedding is their first looks were done at the same place they had their first date.  That to me was so special.  A wedding day is personal and for these two to be able to go back and remember their beginning while starting their forever journey was so sweet.  I love that personal touch and to me it shows a very special bond between two people who are very much in love.  

Sarah’s reception look was the complete opposite of their wedding day.  We did the reception look a few days later.  We got ready at their house and Reed was there making breakfast along with all of their friends and family.  It was such a fun morning and everyone was so relaxed there was no stress.  I don’t know if it was because they were already married or if it was because they are just that wonderful but I had the best time.  Sarah wore a spaghetti strapped dress that moved with her and was very fun.  The details were more modern with greenery and gold geometric patterns and very unique.  The images were very artistic and sometimes dark and moody that was so perfect for their reception.  

Your wedding day is 100% about you and your husband, if you want to see each other before you get married do it.  If you want to have your husband be there while you are getting ready and have him make breakfast do it.  If you want your first look to be where you had your first date do it.  Those are the details you will remember.  You won’t remember how your cake tasted or if things weren’t perfect what you will remember is how your morning was, how it looked to have your husband see you for the first time, how you felt when he looked at you.  That is what you will remember so make your wedding day personalized for the two of you and you will have the best day of your life.

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How to pinterestify your wedding

I know that if you are getting married anytime soon you are knee deep in Pinterest.  Pinterest has taken over magazine’s and has become a huge tool to plan your wedding.  I am sure you have boards for your wedding dress, decor, shoes, makeup and hair.  This is one thing I wish I have been able to utilize when I was getting married almost 10 years ago.  The question that you may be asking yourself is how do you get your wedding to look like your pinterest board?

First you have to ask yourself where are you getting married?  Your venue sets the tone of your wedding.  You want your theme to match your venue.  A barn would include a rustic theme and decor.  If you get married at a garden you will want to include soft details in pretty colors.  Once you find what your venue is it will be easier for you to come up with the tone of your wedding.

Second you want to look at your colors.  If your venue is darker you want the colors of your wedding to be richer think royal blues, emerald greens or do a pop of color like champagne.  If your venue is lighter you can do soft pinks, lavender, light purple.

Your decor should match your venue and colors.  If your getting married somewhere where it is light and airy choose decor that have a light and airy feel.  Think floating centerpieces with white flowers in them and silver accents.  If your venue and colors are richer and darker your decor can have gold tones and geometric patterns.

Your attire totally depends on your venue as well.  If you are planning on being outside a lot than you will want a dress to move in.  If your decor and venue are light and airy choose a dress that has soft chiffon and shoulders that drape.  If your decor is more modern choose a style that is more structured and form fitting.  

Remember these are just tips and you should always first and foremost do what makes you happy.  If you ever feel overwhelmed then hiring a wedding planner is a great idea.


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