Historic 1625 Place

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Today I am so excited to get to share an amazing venue, Historic 1625 Place.  I have gotten the chance to work with a few brides from Historic 1625 Place and they all have nothing but amazing things to say about it.  I also have attended quite a few vendor events that Kellie has put together.  What I love about Kellie and all the staff at Historic 1625 Place is their love of the wedding industry and the wedding community in general.  So let’s get to the interview.

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1) Tell me a little bit about Historic 1625 Place?

Historic 1625 originally was built in the late 40’s as a Dodge truck dealership.  The original car showroom was located in the current venue space and there were service bays down below.  Over the decades several different car dealerships occupied the venue, with the last and longest running one being Osborne McCann Cadillac.  The current owners purchased the building in 2005, transformed and updated the building into the stunning event venue that it is today.  We host a variety of special events at the venue space including board meetings, fundraisers, weddings, and holiday parties.

2) What makes your venue different than other venues around?

-Centrally Located: We are easily accessible from the freeways for guests traveling and just minutes from downtown.  Close proximity to hotels as well as many popular photo proximity are a huge plus for our wedding couples!

-Natural Warmth and Elegance: The venue itself is naturally beautiful- our barrel-vaulted wood ceilings, brick walls, and natural slate floor create a warm and elegant setting.  Clients can get away with minimal decor for their event while still having a stunning setting.  It is always fun to see how clients will build off of our natural beauty and personalize the space for their event.

-Exceptional Customer Service: We pride ourselves on our customer service!  We have full-time staff as well as office hours that cater to our clients schedules so that we can serve them as best as possible.  From answering questions that come up during planning to helping with logistics of the event, our staff is always happy to help anyway we can.  We love hearing from our clients via phones or email, or having them stop by the venue- it is always fun hearing how plans are going! 

-Year Round Capabilities: Being an all indoor venue we host events every weekend and do not have to work around the seasons.  We have ample venue space to accommodate ceremony and reception with a quick seamless transition and are fully equipped with air-conditioning and heat to ensure guests are comfortable at all times.  We love seeing the venue take on a different persona throughout the year. 

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3) Do you have preferred vendors that your couples have to book to work with you?

We have a list of partner caterers who handle all catering at Historic 1625.  Beyond catering, our clients can build their vendor team with those individuals of their choosing.  We have recommendations for vendors as needed that frequent the venue often and do a great job!

4) Do you provide tables and chair rentals?

Tables and chairs are included in our venue rentals.  If clients are wanting a different style of table or chair than what we offer, we are always happy to help arrange those rentals for them. 

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5) How far in advance do couples need to book with your Venue?

We have couples book anywhere from a couple months in advance to 20 months in advance, but typically couples book around about 10-12 months in advance.  Our Saturdays get booked up first and Fridays get booked up right behind them as we allow a rental to end as late as 1:00am.  Fridays are a great alternative to those wanting a Saturday but we may already be booked.  

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I am so excited that I got a chance to share one of my favorite Tacoma venues with you all.  If you would like to check out more about Historic 1625 Place click here.  

Show your vendors some love after the wedding!

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I get asked a lot by my brides what they can do to show their appreciation for their services.  This conversation is usually on the day of their wedding and gets lost in the excitement of the wedding day.  This blog post is to talk about the ways that they can show their appreciation to their makeup artist.

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Reviews are honestly the gift that keeps on giving.  As a consumer you usually only spend your money on a place that has great service and reviews.  If a business has a ton of bad reviews chances are you will not be going there.  Hiring your makeup artist for your wedding is the same.  Chances are you will hire the artist that has more good reviews than bad.  You will also hire the makeup artist who has consistent reviews over a long period of time.  Did you know that when I do 35 to 40 weddings a year only about 10 of those brides will leave me a review?  This is why it is so important for me to talk about this because reviews are how my business thrives.

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Did you know as a makeup artist that I have no rights to your images for your wedding?  It is true I first need your permission to use your images on my website or social media and then I need to contact your photographer and ask for images.  It is then up to the photographer whether or not he or she wants to share them.  If they say yes it is my lucky day and I am forever grateful.  As you know having beautiful images as a makeup artist is so important because that is again how I get hired for more weddings.  I am always most appreciative to my brides and bridesmaids who give me permission to contact their photographer and I am most appreciative to the photographer for sharing them with me.  

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Word of mouth is huge and goes a long way.  I love when I do a wedding and then a bridesmaid from that wedding gets engaged and hires me too.  It is the best kind of referral and is always a lot of fun.  I feel very fortunate that it has happened to me quite a few times and I always am so thankful when it does.  Your word of mouth referral really does go a long way.  

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Hire me for other events

What I love about this business is I don’t do just weddings, I do photo shoots, dances, night outs and makeup lessons.  If you hired me for the most important part of your life than don’t forget about hiring me for other things.  If you liked how I did your eye shadow and aren’t sure how to replicate it let me teach you, if you are going to another wedding and want to look done up… hey I am your girl.  If you are doing maternity pictures I would love to be apart of that with you.  I would love to be apart of more big moments with you.


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I hope that this blog has helped you think of some other ways that you can show your appreciation to your makeup artist.  I am always truly appreciative of every review, every image, every referral and building a working relationship that goes beyond your wedding day.  I love my job and love everyone of my brides who trusts me to do their makeup on their wedding day.  

5 Reason’s Why I love Elopements

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Big wedding’s are kind of my jam and I love how when I get to work on a wedding I get to use a lot of different hats, but honestly I have officially fallen in love with elopements of all shapes and forms.  You want to get married in the mountains I am your girl.  You want to get married in a courthouse let me take care of your beauty needs.  There is something so special about my brides who elope, I am not quite sure what it is but elopements are definitely finding a special place in my heart.  So today’s blog is all about why I love elopements.

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1) Shorter Prep Time

From a business stand point when I have a bride who is eloping our prep time is a lot shorter because we usually do not need to make a timeline because it is just you and maybe 2 other people.  Sometimes we do a trial run but most of the time my brides decide not to.  There is still a lot of communication between us to make sure we get the look you are wanting for your wedding day.  

2) Locations are crazy beautiful

If you are someone who has always envisioned getting married on a mountain or by a river.  Eloping means you can get married at those crazy locations and get beautiful images.  It is amazing to see now where people are getting married.  I have had brides get married at Crystal Mountain, in a tree house, on a beach.  The possibilities are endless and not something you could get if you got married at a traditional wedding venue.

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3) There is less Focus on the Details

When I am with a bride who is eloping there is more focus on the actual ceremony and less talking about the details of the wedding.  Trust me talking about the details of your wedding on your wedding day is so important and I love hearing about them but usually when my brides are sitting in my chair they are wondering what is happening at their venue.  When a bride who is eloping is sitting in my chair the only thing they are really worried about is maybe their flowers.  

4) You can be a little less traditional

You always envisioned getting married on a grandparent’s wedding date but it falls on a Monday… elope.  You always wanted to get married with you and a few friends on a mountain… elope.  You always loved the idea of getting married at the courthouse and going out to eat and then having a reception later… you get the idea.  If you have never wanted a traditional wedding than be a little less traditional and elope. 

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5) Less Stress

If the thought of picking out decor, figuring out how to handle a bunch of different vendors, choosing food for catering stresses you out.  Eloping might be the thing for you.  Not everyone envisions a big wedding and that is okay.

This blog post is meant to just give a different perspective on why eloping might be for you.  Having a small or big wedding is a personal decision between you and your fiance and whatever choice you decide is neither right nor wrong.  You two are the only ones that matter when it comes to making this personal decision.  Your family will support you no matter what you decide.