What my client's are saying...

"From the moment you meet her, you're enveloped in a feeling of trust. You will not walk out looking anything less than amazing."

"I could not be happier with Korrine's work! Before my wedding day she was easy to communicate with, collaborating with me, listening to my ideas and giving me her suggestions (her suggestions were spot on)."

"She went above and beyond to make our day perfect, from locating the perfect eye shadow to showing up early. You won't regret working with her."


My name is Korrine.  I am a PNW girl who loves antique shopping, getting my salsa on at Zumba and will try to catch at least one broadway musical a year.  As a licensed esthetician since 2008 I have a better insight of what will work well with your skin and how to make your makeup last based on your skin type.  I love wedding days and being apart of the excitement as well as making sure your morning runs smoothly.  

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5 Ways To Make Your Wedding Day Run Smoothly

There is a lot that goes on during the getting ready process of a wedding day.  There is always food, coffee, and some form of an alcoholic beverage going around.  There is hugs, tears, excitement and a lot of visiting.  There are gifts, getting dressed and packing things up and making sure everything is put away.  There are a lot of things that can slow your timeline down.  This blog post gives a few key hints on how to keep your timeline on time and it doesn’t involve buffers although everybody knows buffer time is a good thing.  So here it goes your weekly musings from a Bonney Lake bridal makeup artist.

Who Should Pay For Bridal Services?

So you just got engaged.  You are so excited to start planning your wedding, you have figured out your date, you have booked your venue.  You have your bridesmaids all figured out.  You have asked them in a cute proposal maybe a wine glass that says “Will you be my bridesmaid?”  They have said yes.  Everybody is excited to get their dresses, their shoes and their jewelry.  Six or seven months comes around and you are in the process of booking your beauty team for your wedding, your artist asks how many people are wanting makeup and hair services.  You panic you haven’t figured this part out yet.  Who pays for it?  Do you offer it to them?  Do you make everyone get services?  Don’t worry this blog post has got you covered.  Figuring out who pays for services can be tricky so here is a guide to help you through it...  

How To Tell If Your Makeup Artist is Professional

As a bride to be I totally understand that you are looking at a ton of wedding vendors and your eyeballs are swimming in details.  I understand that there are a ton of different factors involved to planning your wedding.  You have to think about your budget, whether you like the vendor you are working with and if they are the right fit.  But how do you tell a legit bridal makeup artist from a someone who is just good at doing makeup?  How do you insure that your makeup artist will show up and be ready to go?  This blog post is going to talk about what you need to ask and look for when it comes to hiring your bridal makeup artist...